Gold Vein

Kate Balay olive fairy book Kate Baylay – Olive fairy book

Full Moon 14 Taurus
Thursday November 6
4:23pm Chicago
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Full Taurus Moon is heading into negotiations with Sun, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. Peace talks, awareness and yes, often someone on the other end of the wheel poking you repeatedly with the aggravation stick.

Mars is applying within 3 degrees of Pluto at Full Moon while Venus is in Scorpio.  Desires take the head – front and center.  Desire to join resources/power boost.  Ownership of stuff, shared stuff, power struggles over all.

Sensuality, creativity is lively & peppered with flair and drama as the luminaries square Jupiter in Leo.  

see me See Me SEE ME Jupiter in Leo is the Lunar obstacles Gold Vein to Go For – the inner frustration/faith that will lead to the most personal emotional growth.

Leo house boosts willpower, inspired by creative self-expression.
How, What, Why and Who do you love ?  Desire ?  Venus on the barrel head.

Your Taurus house is getting the insight of a Full MoOon very soon.
Messages straight from the Power Octaves – Mars & Pluto.
Heads UP

Gneiss Moon

Lucky Toro Moon

Thursday, November 10th the Moon is full in Taurus at 18 degrees – 2:16 pm CST, USA.

At the time of Full Moon our instincts are keen, we hunt and explore – the world under the ‘midnight’ sun subject to our expanded perception.

I pulled this fortune for you dear reader ~ Moon is domestic; Jupiter, luck.
Mercury (message) is conjunct Venus (friends) conjunct North Node of Destiny.

At full moon, Mars will be at 29 degrees (the last degree) of Leo, impatiently waiting for Virgo to open the door.

Each sign is 30 degrees – when a planet falls on the 29th, or the last degree, the energies express an urgency, a need for atonement and reconciliation before entering the next sign.

Sun opposite Moon (happens at full moon times) are both at 18 degrees, a vibration of 9 = completion.

Mars (power operating) is also in a stable grand trine (ease of expression) with Jupiter (luck, expansion) and Pluto (inner power operating). 

Mars at 29 degrees has the vibration of 2= balance
Jupiter has the vibration of 3 = reconciliation, it is the space between opposites or the ‘middle path’
Pluto has the vibration of 5= metamorphosis, speaks of struggle between forces

Full moon (public) opposite (juggling for balance) Sun (self) takes place in the houses of mine (Taurus moon) and yours (Scorpio Sun).

Moon & Sun: Completion of a cycle, the number 9.
…number 9…number 9…number 9….

Look to 18 degrees in the houses of Taurus and Scorpio in your chart – and the 29th degree of Virgo and/or Mars to see what you are wrapping up, and how the full moon will illuminate your life.

This Taurus full moon is at 2:16 CST, USA
Chiron goes direct at 0 degrees Pisces shortly thereafter at 5:14 pm CST, USA.

Chiron at o degrees is the vibration of zero.

Zero is the circle, the beginning and  the end, the wheel, and unlimited possibilities.
It is two Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions – one fish the ego, the other the soul.

Chiron in Pisces is compassionate and seeks to heal the entire cosmos, thereby finding relief himself.
Pisces is the lesson of ‘serve or suffer’.

Chiron the healer, philosopher, and herbalist going direct here leading the way for the planet Neptune (which rules Pisces) to follow its path, is a sign of increased spirituality and divine compassion in the years to come for everyone on the planet.
Unlimited possibilities.

It is the lesson of chaos (ego/self) or cosmos (soul/others).
It is the lesson of zero, the sacred circle of life.
All one.