Two of Pentacles, Dolores Fitchie

The protected post found under this one 
is where the interps for
Comet Siding Spring
(Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries)
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
can be read.

If you would like to read them
support my work
and this site
via the
hands heart $ sign
on the right

‘tip jar’

I will send you the password.
You are IN.


2 thoughts on “Two

  1. I swear I have looked high and low for the ‘hands’ and tip jar…and there is none on the page anywhere? I was going to pay for the article before I even wrote you, and couldn’t find it then, nor this second time I have looked. ‘upper right’ two hands, tip jar?? Help? I am using an IPad, but don’t know why that would make any difference??

    If you can direct me, I would like to read your article. Might be helpful that you know this in case anyone else is having issues also.


  2. Hello and thank you !
    I don’t have an ipad, presumably is similar to iphone.

    Access the main page
    Scroll down past all the astro posts until the sidebar information begins to appear.

    1 My astro head
    2 Recent posts
    3 TIP JAR < ~ that's the Paypal link
    Click on the hands, enter amount you want to donate.
    Thank you

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