Tool 4 the Times

ZeptimesRepurposed Zep III Cover by Gneiss Moon

Hey astrofreaks, I have a Groovy Calendar UP for sale !  

It’s a Fantastic Tool for the Times.
It contains specific planetary ingress deets, retrogrades, shadowzones etc.. for 2015.
I will be adding (after the lunar eclipse) void moons, volatile aspects – all the must-know info. When I update my master, yours updates also.

All you need is a google mail account (gmail) which is FREE.

The calendar can be modified by you to reflect Your Time Zone.
You can synch it to Androids and iPhones, access it anytime/where.
It’s perfect in a pinch !

All this for only $ 15.00

1 – Email me
2 – I send you an invoice
3 – We make a trade and I share my calendar with you

Right on.
Thanks !

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

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