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Heading into Uranus Pluto energy – I called for the crucible, the crux of Uranus/Pluto.
During both the Lunar and Solar Eclipse.

Interestingly, Byelborg/Chernoborg are the Slavic gods of Day/Night.
Apt for Eclipses, yes ?!

The Work
Concentration of mental effort.  Logic !  

Authority through intellect.
Being thorough, building with wise words.
Respect earned by steady, constant work and the mature wisdom that accompanies that body of work.

Boundaries, strong mental thought focused to brilliance – the 3rd eye Sun.  

This card indicates inspiration (yang) or deception (yin).
That which is seen – that which is not.
Again – very apt for Eclipses.

Circumstances change lightning fast with Eclipses !

Solar eclipse points to bright new beginnings.  
Lunar Eclipse highlights endings, melancholy that accompanies emotional loss.  

Make both work for you.

Peace GMA

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