Lure of Luxury

TZVIATKO KINCHEV-11Tzviatko Kinchev

Venus in Libra (she rules) is a thoughtful, social placement for the planet of love, art, beauty and money.  While in Taurus (she also rules) Venus is earthbound, valuing the material world; while in Libra she values ideas, one-on-one relationships, harmony and refinement.

This Venus loves to make people feel comfortable and at ease, they delight in clever conversation.  They are fond of conventional pleasantries, politeness and expect reciprocation in kind.  Their homes are lovely, filled with pleasing, beautiful things, as are their closets.  These folks are the clothes horses of the zodiac, loving to appear their best at every function – be it a ballroom, or a ball diamond – they have it together. They match.

Venus here is diplomatic and considerate, seeing situations from every angle.  They will gladly listen to other viewpoints in order to better weigh all options before making a formal judgment.  While they are professional advice givers, they are often hard-pressed to make decisions in their own lives.  The tendency to over think any and every move is to be avoided.

This Venus is charming, liking their mates to be pleasing as well.  Shoddy dress and sloppy speech will not impress.  This Venus can be flippant and a bit insincere at times, preferring to placate rather than be pushy.  This Venus makes friends easily for they are friendly and outgoing. (Cardinal)

When it comes to money, they are good at attracting it, but need to keep good sense when spending it.  The lure of luxury and label is strong.   Libra Venus is romantic and generous, they enjoy sharing.  They show appreciation for those they love with tokens of affection, such as notes, sweets or similar small, kind gestures.

Venus into Scorpio October 23 (USA)

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