sidewinder samurai

Michonne WDDanai Gurira as Michonne, The Walking Dead

Samari warrior woman – silent, deadly.
First things first.  MARS. 
I had to know. Here’s the deal with the blade (Mars) of her natal.  Ready ?
Mars Retrograde in Cancer.  Backwards & in its fall.

Coming from someone (me) who has her ruler (Saturn) backwards and in its fall (in Mars ruled Aries) – I love seeing someone dealing well with a tough Mars energy  placement.

Retrogrades mean the energy is primarily expressed inwardly – incubated, percolated, until perfected, then it is expressed outwardly, brilliantly.
A planet in fall is opposite the sign it works best in. Imagine energy being born into peace talks.  Compromise before action aka slowed expression.

Mars in Cancer is fire on water – obviously covert ops, work gets done via the backdoor, sidewinder.  Danai has Mars trine Uranus in Scorpio, meaning lightning fast instincts, reflexes (Uranus) powerful feeling (Moon, gut) based intel drives actions.  Danai also has Mars quintile North Node of Destiny in Libra signaling genius expression of Mars energy in partnerships, relationships.  Progression in tandem with others.

Expressing female power in all its moods and swings is incredibly transformative and rewarding.  Mars is in a Moon (waxes, wanes) ruled sign, Plutonic power is in a Venus (scales balance) ruled sign.  The juxtaposition and friction created between the hard/tough and the soft/forgiving is a source of great power and growth in Danai’s chart.

Aquarius Sun is quincunx Cancer Mars, leading to friction surrounding the intellectualizing of emotional expression and vice versa.  Expressing tribal (global)concepts, as they relate to personal (family, kin) experience requires adaptation and improvisation.

I would also like to point out Saturn stationed retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio exact trine her natal 23 degree Cancer Mars Rx.  Changes re: work and daily routine involving long-term career that will work out well in the long run (trine).

Incredible scene.
Sublime realization.
Well done.


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  1. null via Peewee Parker.
    If I had a kid, she would totally have this. My Bionic Man & Woman were always rescuing naked Barbie outta the ditch when I was little.
    Sun conj Ura/Plu, just sayin’. Bionic power = sexeh

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