manifestation masters

photo 28Tarot of the Origins

Short lunch.  Short read.
Distillation.  One card revealing highest manifestation of all aspects now as they work with/in the hub of the wheel – Earth.

7 Era of Jewels
Seven is the number of Uranus: planet of liberation, freedom, rebellion, change, electricity, polarites, intuition, invention and eccentrics.  They are mysterious, elusive inventors that revel in changing times that breed spiritual enlightenment.

Skull like a family jewel, bones, stones . . . ripples of times past surfacing in the present.  Circles coming back around, genetics and women.  Emblems, totems, talismans and lineage – energy present, felt in objects of slower vibration.  
Vessels of conveyance – mindful mastery of manifestations
micro and MACRO. 

Uranus is time out of time.
Instantaneous kindred.

peace within, without