your bones

photo 27

Decks: Nostradamus, Tarot of the New Vision, Oracle of John Dee, Philosopher’s Stone

Quick draw for energies – ginormous insights leading to highest manifestations.
1. Sun conjunct Chiron
2. Mars Rx in Libra
3. Uranus T-Square focal in Aries (Mars rules)
4+5. Saturn Rx

1. II of Moons, Venus influence, love, relationships, attraction; harmony & healing therewith.

2. CHANGES incoming NOW, beneficial under divine influence, Libra and relationships highlighted, even if it is only expressed internally – Cupid is at work finding solutions, hooking up companions in kind

3.  Transformation from within – Alchemy – work with the patterns of time (long-term) in tandem with inner flame of inspirations burning NOW.
Inner Self & Outer World, harmonized.

4+5. How apt – !  Yes, there is loss, but Two Cups Remain Standing, highlighting harmony and balance in love, emotional realms.
5 is a number of change, talking and thinking and feeling on your feet.
Complement signals connection and the just right fit shared between two birds of a feather.
Knowing in your bones.

ps.  Soz, have slowed a bit due to my own transits, one of which is Neptune square natal Mars.  Ankle problems persist with Saturn Rx back over natal Neptune – but many good things have happened recently, and I am in the best place I have been for months.
Pluto is training haha trining (typo, leaving it) my Toro moon.
oh yeeeahh !