Peter Max

They must change often, who would be
constant in happiness.

Of late I have been wrangling Moon via Pluto – coming and going – transit & natal trine
 Subconscious drives and pathways are undergoing an overhaul, relationships with women, the public and how I see them (natal Pluto is in 9) is metamorphing bigtime.

Which of course, means I AM as well.  Pluto is in my first (natural Aries) square Aries.

Pluto is square Uranus in Aries for everyone , so what WE ARE is dawning on us and we are changing as a Mass Consciousness.  (Pluto rules the masses, also rules death, and psychoanalysis)

 I see changes are being pushed forward re: American gun laws, let’s hope positive changes are forthcoming in the mental health field as well.

I have also been giving thought to ME (Aries, obviously) and my aspects and how I trigger people without even intending to.  I AM working on this diligently, fyi.
(Saturn Rx in Aries here)

I am referring to my natal Sun / Uranus / Pluto conjunction in 9.
Just by sucking air and interacting, I am a walking catalyst – tripping the energy – on the active square between Uranus Pluto in everyone I come into contact with.
Trust me, just as fun as it sounds.

I am a loner, for the most part – that’s the Uranian bit – if I do interact with you in any way, I AM taking time (Saturn) out of my life to do so, that should be an indication of my investment right off the bat.  I do care about people, for pity’s sake I AM a multi-Virgo !

For the record, what you say to me, I think about – if it resonates.  Sometimes I do anyway because I am sensitive, though with Capricorn rising it may be difficult to see that at first glance.  This has been the year of passive aggressive confrontations and it is about to drive me up a wall and down the other side.

If you have confronted me directly, I thank you – you do me the honor of speaking to me when I am right in front of you.  Online (you can’t see me) BS has disintegrated human manners to Neanderthal knuckle dragging grunts. ugh

To begin by always thinking of love as an action rather than a feeling is one way in which anyone using the word in this manner automatically assumes accountability and responsibility. 
Bell Hooks

Know that I know I was called VOID; know that I was told to tone down and BE SOFT rather than unfold a reflection of judgmental ideas back.  I play. I am fond of play, with Venus conjunct Jupes in Leo, I play and I have a kind heart.  I AM actively working at being more precise and loving in speech and actions – that’s a fact.  You can count on me to be honest, sometimes blunt, but honest – and playful – with a banquet of intensity on the side.

Know this – I AM no shrinking violet, I was born this way.
If you expect Uranus and Pluto to tone it down – yeah, well, good luck with that.


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  1. Change is a constant.. be who we were meant to be. Let love and light shine brightly.. toning it down for the masses? LOL Good one… sorry folks. That one isn’t in the cards looking ahead, at least for me anyway! I’m hearing… “Stay true to yourself.”

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