lift you

I have come to drag you out of yourself
and take you in my heart.

I have come to bring out the beauty
you never knew you had
and lift you like a prayer to the sky.


Ode to Pluto, yes ?

Gemini Moon conjunct Jupiter
Mercury conjunct Sun in Virgo

The walk may not match the talk
at the moment.

Moon square Sun
 is an aspect of feeling off center
feelings, instincts and spiritego awareness
are in flux
under the surface

It will pass quickly – Moon moves quickly
 take the time to activate (Mars) some deep diving
in your Scorpio waters.

What DO you desire ?

Uranus square Pluto.
Adaptation, improvisation.

The opportunity for Plutonic transformation
lies in personal enthusiasm
digging deep and
owning your own power.

– Practice Self Help –
 No one knows you
as well as YOU KNOW YOU.

Engage your independent spirit

  spiritual healing, forgiveness, high healing magick
work the 
inspirational creativity living in your water houses
Scorpio and Pisces.


mines in the making

Les Edwards

If you keep seeking the jewel of understanding, then you are a mine of understanding in the making.
If you live to reach the Essence one day, then your life itself is an expression of the Essence.
Know that in the final analysis you are that which you search for.

Nobody, Son of Nobody (Shaikh Abu-Saeed Abil-Kheir, 11th century Muslim, Sufi) Translated by Vraje Abramian