bridges across the chasms

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Love LOVE LOVE the wheel.
Quote I read earlier spun me off into thinking of bridges.

You may see with your eyes, but what matters is what you feel with your heart, for your heart senses the way.  Aqua/Leo axis

Seeing into the distance
Feeling leaps of faith
Karmic serendipity
(Jupiter Rx in Cancer opp Venus Rx conj Pluto Cap)

Please read the natural chart below from birth to death and rebirth as follows:
Leap of faith from Aries beginnings to Taurus to Gemini is beginning to have sensations of cerebral growth and so forth…
That is birth onward.

For rebirth insights, read natural chart backwards from bottom up.

Keen insight comes when you apply each to the houses where they fall in your chart.
Therein lies your personal leaps of faith – your bridges across the chasms. 

Aries: having beginnings (2/1)
Taurus: cerebral sensations (3/2)
Gemini: feelings are flexible (4/3)
Cancer: will of the well (5/4)
Leo: specific speculations (6/5)
Virgo: to balance we bind (7/6)
Libra: power of partnerships (8/7)
Scorpio: truths are transforming (9/8)
Sagittarius: practicing philosophies (10/9)
Capricorn: innovations achieved (11/10)
Aquarius: universally unique (12/11)
Pisces: flowing is outgoing (12/1)



Pluto rules the rare and miraculous, the microcosmos.
Saturn rules the Earth.

Pluto digs up and transforms how we experience everything in the place it lives or transits in our natal chart.

Pluto by transit hit exact square to my chart ruler, Saturn Rx – today.
Saw that comin’.
It went about as well as I figured it would. 

Pluto will turn your world on its head – you will find yourself hanging like Odin from a tree, sacrificing (death) one thing or idea only to transform that same thing or idea into another greater thing.  It is a struggle, a morph, a shift in perspective.

If the Plutonic situation will not change, YOU. WILL.
Which in turn does change the situation entirely.

See the picture of the Milky Way above…?
Shifts the way of thinking doesn’t it ?!
Now look at the photo below.

The universe – the micro / macro cosmos.

The picture above is a stalked protozoan attached to a filamentous green algae with bacteria on its surface (160x).  1st Prize, 1979 – Paul W. Johnson University of Rhode Island, USA (source)


Uranus (Aquarius/ 11th house) and Pluto involve perspectives*  and microcosmos.  What house /s do these planets live in and what do they activate in your chart ?

* (see genius perspective artist, M.C. Eschers massive 11th house stellium)

Mine are conjunct Sun in Virgo, on the 9th house of Sagittarius, the expansive.
I SEE (Sag motto) the diversity of life (Pluto falls in my 8th house of Leo, Sun ruled or life)  BIG & small.
I can dovetail the two into a whole (Neptune girl is inclusive – Sag on 12th) philosophy (9th house)  ALL ONE. 

My former husband has them in the 11th house, he is a wicked smart micro biologist.
Teeny tiny is his trade, what he researches & produces goes into salad dressing, etc…
Both are trine his Moon (public) in Taurus.

Think about where Uranus and Pluto live in your chart and how they shift your perspectives time and again.  There is massive growth in that area of your chart, and there will be more in the future as Uranus and Pluto are moving closer to exact square in the sky above us now.

Look to planets they aspect – the house opposite (others), the houses squaring (internal), and the opportunities you have waiting for you in sextile, and the restful spots in the trines.  All these things will help you flesh out the story of your natal chart.

Now for a great photo that can bridge both worlds.
Earth AND Sky.
I love this one.

Bret Webster
The photo above showing the Milky Way stretching across the desert sky and a distant monsoon thunderstorm on the horizon was captured just outside of Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah on August 27, 2011. (source with more info on earth & sky)

peace & rainbows