Dance of Destiny

under_the_mountain_by_balance_sheet-d5yio79-1Steve Hamilton

Seventeen degree Mars is square both North and South Node of Destiny.
Much more on the Nodes of the Moon here.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, going great gusto (even if behind the scenes on a waning moon in Libra) driving the engines of our lives with personal power and desire to not only live – but also thrive.

Traditionally North Node of Destiny in the natal is where we are headed, it is Jupiter in nature of expression, we learn new things on the ever-expansive learning curve.  South Node of Destiny is where we are living repetition, it is the well-worn path of been there, done that, it seems stagnant and predictable, more Saturn in nature of expression.

While we watch Nodes of the Moon traverse the wheel in our lives, they indicate where the current phase of expansion is indicated.  North Node is in Libra, interp here.

What I find interesting is that Mars is not only charring away exalted in Capricorn, but also rules the Aries South Node.
Venus rules the North Node where Saturn (past experience/diplomacy) is exalted.

This speaks of the desire to finish past work on the emotional home front (Moon).  Love and money balance/trades, releasing the past and working toward the future.
We want it now !
There is work to be done – find/build the balance you seek.  Finish the old, take what you need to create a better future and move on.
The past only defines you as much as you let it.

You define you.
Every single moment holds a new chance.

FullSizeRender 2Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards

Here is the card I drew to lead us into our future…an item that has deep significance and is worn as protection in spiritual matters.  Claim your talisman, send it energy, keep it close day and night, it will become stronger with you.

Mars in square to Destiny’s calling equals creative tension between past/now/future.  It also indicates rock hard determination and endurance over the long haul.  
Easing the friction is the only way we truly grow.  Trines, sextiles are grease to the wheel – but the hard aspects like squares and difficult conjunctions really make us sweat the labor, get it done.

No matter what has happened in your past, gather your hopes and dreams for the future and get to work on achieving them today Mars is behind you all the way !