Voted Miss SaturnSmackDown

justice_league_no_13_by_alexgarner-d5f8x1lAlex Garner

For the purpose of this post – the above symbolizes – me and whomever.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

I don’t get along well with many women.
I really don’t get along with people in general.
The astrology of Popularity here: Lionization.

It shows in my natal.
Moon (public) opposite Neptune in 11
8th house Venus (others) conjunct Jupiter (lots of others) in square to Neptune 11
Sun (self/ conjunct Uranus (groups/society) conjunct Pluto (struggle) in 9

I have tried getting around it…
I thought maybe being online not directly dealing face-to-face with people that my energy would be better received.
Not so.
Especially having Sun/Uranus/Pluto in 9 aka The Internet.
I have power, respect my power, show my power and am typically:
1 ignored
2 power-tripper magnet
I outlined the herstory of Uranus Pluto (Sun) before here on Serenity Now.

Right now Saturn is square natal Venus and I am frankly, over it.
The combo of recent astro to my natal is a mofo titan trip – Ballroom Blitz.

My saving graces are:
1. North Node in Aries – I will keep going no matter what anyone thinks or says.
2. I am Capricorn rising, Saturn-ruled (fall in Aries and retrograde) with Saturn trine Mars.

Saturn and Mars are men.  (Sun also)
As a rule, we get along just fine.
Less games, less competitive BS.
I can be who I am without them getting all judgmental & up themselves like prissy drama queens when I stand in my power.

Strong women who have enough confidence in themselves to accept and in fact applaud another woman’s power in their presence ?
We also get along just fine.
I know what I’m doing.  I study and hone my craft, and I know if another is lacking in the remedial basics but being a blowhard power-tripper despite it.

You dug your own grave.

I have only so much patience for rampant ignorance.
You don’t like me – find the door.
It is what it is.
I for one, am looking forward to Saturn the hell out of Scorpio.

Gneiss Moon

4 thoughts on “Voted Miss SaturnSmackDown

  1. Wow, you could be my twin, what you have written is exactly how I react to and feel about others… Magnificent post today!!! Thanks so much!

  2. On one side a craggy old goat on the other quad sag terra infirma so Saturn serious Scorpio mc nodes Leo aquarius out of the fire into the live wire jupiter Venus mars in scorpio 10 th house
    Woman I could feel you
    Christ said well I am look only to source true identity for honor not to other men (people)
    People can be under such a spell of illusion dis *appointed*
    Took about forty years not to let it cach me up too much at least I can hear the stars singing
    And be in formed by stars light let people go and be bright even with serious Saturn and Scorpio blues

  3. True. I also seek solace in self. Independent lone wolf.
    Self worth/work, I am my own judge/jury.

    Hear the stars singing, beautiful.

    Much easier outside the dim din of the masses.
    Thank you

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