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justice_league_no_13_by_alexgarner-d5f8x1lAlex Garner

For the purpose of this post – the above symbolizes – me and whomever.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

I don’t get along well with many women.
I really don’t get along with people in general.
The astrology of Popularity here: Lionization.

It shows in my natal.
Moon (public) opposite Neptune in 11
8th house Venus (others) conjunct Jupiter (lots of others) in square to Neptune 11
Sun (self/ conjunct Uranus (groups/society) conjunct Pluto (struggle) in 9

I have tried getting around it…
I thought maybe being online not directly dealing face-to-face with people that my energy would be better received.
Not so.
Especially having Sun/Uranus/Pluto in 9 aka The Internet.
I have power, respect my power, show my power and am typically:
1 ignored
2 power-tripper magnet
I outlined the herstory of Uranus Pluto (Sun) before here on Serenity Now.

Right now Saturn is square natal Venus and I am frankly, over it.
The combo of recent astro to my natal is a mofo titan trip – Ballroom Blitz.

My saving graces are:
1. North Node in Aries – I will keep going no matter what anyone thinks or says.
2. I am Capricorn rising, Saturn-ruled (fall in Aries and retrograde) with Saturn trine Mars.

Saturn and Mars are men.  (Sun also)
As a rule, we get along just fine.
Less games, less competitive BS.
I can be who I am without them getting all judgmental & up themselves like prissy drama queens when I stand in my power.

Strong women who have enough confidence in themselves to accept and in fact applaud another woman’s power in their presence ?
We also get along just fine.
I know what I’m doing.  I study and hone my craft, and I know if another is lacking in the remedial basics but being a blowhard power-tripper despite it.

You dug your own grave.

I have only so much patience for rampant ignorance.
You don’t like me – find the door.
It is what it is.
I for one, am looking forward to Saturn the hell out of Scorpio.

Gneiss Moon



I’m Saturn’s bitch.  Solution = workWorkWORK.  No Whiners !
Sucking it up moon-wise, tucking the emo BS into my back pocket for the duration. 
We are in dark moon low ebb prior to New Moon/Sun in Cancer – I’m nailing a line drive into popularity. 

Popularity is ruled by:
Sun (shines, creates, fun) is the personal expression of conscious light
Moon (feel, safe, clan) is the personal expression of subconscious dark
Venus ( beauty, loves, graces) is the personal expression of friendship/love

Sun rules fame
Moon rules the public

Venus rules public as well, but more so speaks to direct interpersonal relationships

Chart indicators of popularity
1. When these planets are in good aspect
2.  When these planets are placed in social signs / houses
3.  When the planets are above the horizon + well aspected
4.  When the 10th/ruler of 10th is well aspected

What do you do when the popularity planets are all tied up in tough aspects ? 
Good question.  I’m still working on it.  heh.  Kidding, keep reading…

1.  Find a good aspect to one of the planets above (if it applies) then work it like crazy.
2.  Work those that land in mutable houses aka flexible circumstances. 
3.  Do inner work – transform difficult energies into powerful triumphs/lessons learned.

4.  Golden Rule: Be yourself.

ps.  Yes this post is also a nod to Jupiter into Leo on July 16.  More on that later…

ships passing

ethiopian women hands gettyH. Hook

Everyone needs friends.
How do you find friends in your natal chart ?

Venus (friendly)
Aquarius / Uranus, 11th 
Jupiter (outgoing)

But that is not all…
Influential friends are Sun.
Long term friends become Saturn.
Friends who protect you are Jupiter.

Closest friends are 7th.
Friends of friends are 9th.

Consider how these planets are placed + aspected in your natal.
I will use myself as an example.

I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sun-ruled Leo 8.*
I am friendly and outgoing, but shy, private – they both square Neptune in 11.

I have Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto.*
By Uranian surprise, I have met many influential powerful people.
If you consider fame power, that is.
Many artists, actors & musicians have crossed my path.
This is due to the influence of Venus (art) & Neptune (film and music).

Friendship is often difficult for me.
Neptune isn’t all sunshine & rainbows – Neptune is also rain, loss.
Sun is gain; but Uranus, separation.
So it goes…

My Sagittarius Mars at the backdoor, trines Saturn 3.
Long-lasting secret (male) protection.
It blows my mind inside out sometimes, but it IS true.
Don’t bother asking – private.

Look up these planets in your natal….what friends do you see ?

I was nominated for an Earth Goddess award by my new friend Linda here.

Many thanks for the inclusion, here are my answers…

Fave color is dirt.
Specifically red dirt found out in the 4 corners.
tumblr_m1nn2tEqK21r81c8do1_1280Fave phrase rolling off my tongue is…


Fave animal I wrote of here, though I see them all as totems & messengers.
Fave drink discovered by goats.
Fave pattern changes as often as I do, today’s is here.
Giving or receiving ? Being a multi-Virgo, I prefer to give.
I love all numbers, vibrations, each has something to teach.
My fave day of the week is the one I am not working; flower is here.
My passion you read here day in and day out.

Working two jobs I just don’t read many other blogs.
I am too busy doing my own writing, client work, finding a spare moment to breathe.
It is fair to say the energy is long term & circular with these peeps.
Yogini Tiff
Earthstone Station
The Office Mystic

peace out friends