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Everyone needs friends.
How do you find friends in your natal chart ?

Venus (friendly)
Aquarius / Uranus, 11th 
Jupiter (outgoing)

But that is not all…
Influential friends are Sun.
Long term friends become Saturn.
Friends who protect you are Jupiter.

Closest friends are 7th.
Friends of friends are 9th.

Consider how these planets are placed + aspected in your natal.
I will use myself as an example.

I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sun-ruled Leo 8.*
I am friendly and outgoing, but shy, private – they both square Neptune in 11.

I have Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto.*
By Uranian surprise, I have met many influential powerful people.
If you consider fame power, that is.
Many artists, actors & musicians have crossed my path.
This is due to the influence of Venus (art) & Neptune (film and music).

Friendship is often difficult for me.
Neptune isn’t all sunshine & rainbows – Neptune is also rain, loss.
Sun is gain; but Uranus, separation.
So it goes…

My Sagittarius Mars at the backdoor, trines Saturn 3.
Long-lasting secret (male) protection.
It blows my mind inside out sometimes, but it IS true.
Don’t bother asking – private.

Look up these planets in your natal….what friends do you see ?

I was nominated for an Earth Goddess award by my new friend Linda here.

Many thanks for the inclusion, here are my answers…

Fave color is dirt.
Specifically red dirt found out in the 4 corners.
tumblr_m1nn2tEqK21r81c8do1_1280Fave phrase rolling off my tongue is…


Fave animal I wrote of here, though I see them all as totems & messengers.
Fave drink discovered by goats.
Fave pattern changes as often as I do, today’s is here.
Giving or receiving ? Being a multi-Virgo, I prefer to give.
I love all numbers, vibrations, each has something to teach.
My fave day of the week is the one I am not working; flower is here.
My passion you read here day in and day out.

Working two jobs I just don’t read many other blogs.
I am too busy doing my own writing, client work, finding a spare moment to breathe.
It is fair to say the energy is long term & circular with these peeps.
Yogini Tiff
Earthstone Station
The Office Mystic

peace out friends

2 thoughts on “ships passing

  1. Love this post and cannot wait to check out your nominees! You are so inventive with your answers and I dig your Cap risingness and Sun Uranus Pluto. You got all my rulers covered except Mars woohoo. I have Saturn and Jup in Cap in the 11th house and Saturn like folks ( Sun or Rising) make mighty great friends to me! As busy as you are, I am so pleased you took the time to write this post!

    I look forward to cultivating our new connection and wish you a Magnificent Beltane.

    peace out,

  2. Thank you…
    A marvelous Beltane to you as well.

    Cheers to Saturn peeps, love ’em !
    My two super groovy earthy peeps are linked at the bottom of the post – laid back natural mystics.
    Now 3 !
    I added another Earth Mama, she is an eco-warrior of high caliber !

    All are definitely worth a read.
    Tiff has a fab guided relaxation found on my sidebar.
    Ck it out, it’s super chill.

    Thanks again

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