Think Tanks

photo 49Zombie Tarot

This is the spirit card aka crux of the cross/sitch/whateves + so apt for my ? !

WTF was all THAT about ?
Humdinger Cross + eclipses, for me were – Crazy on steroids ! …and you ?

8 cups leaves all that shizz behind, is ch-ch-ch-changes in spades.
Load up what’s left of your sanity and move on. 
True that. 

So the answer that delivers the insight we don’t see yet…?
photo 48Five of wands is squabbles – beating the dead zombie with its own leg bone over and over and ovah – then dragging the dead fuq awhile and beating it some more – just for good measure.  
Is it dead yet ?
It is now.

What is calling (obviously) is – what IS important to you ?
Do we win the battle, but lose the war ?
Only you know the answer.

Rob of Winterfell comes to mind here – obviously, he should have kept his promise.  He should have been an Oathkeeper. (Game of Thrones ref.)
Part of playing the Game of Life is knowing when to walk away and when to run. (Gambler ref)
Know your opponent – esp.  when that opponent is your shadow side.

Promises are Neptune – Moon into Gemini delivers insight into what we have promised ourselves via square to Neptune.  
How we have maintained those vows or how we have in fact, broken them.

Jupiter in Cancer is trine Saturn Rx in Scorpio – water to water – strong emotional bonds are formed when we are honest, open – with each other, and with ourselves.

tumblr_msfe19bqGm1rzadffo1_500Fool is fresh, unblemished and new.
WIDE OPEN and ready to learn through new experiences.
Keep your enthusiasm and let Gemini Moon trine Mars Rx in Libra work for you – they will bubble UP the insights from the Think Tanks.
You may be surprised what surfaces that helps you achieve the love and balance you seek.