Volcanic Sunlight

Saul Williams
Poet, singer, musician, actor
Volcanic Sunlight

Pisces Sun, Mercury
inspired, highly artistic
Virgo Moon
keen analyzation of
feelings, fluctuations, public tides
brings thrift and form to collective unconscious

through sharp spoken word

Saturn in Gemini
North Node in Aquarius
savvy, observant, innovative communicator

Capricorn Jupiter trine Mars in Taurus
truth-seeking visionary arts brought to form
Poetry SLAM !

Sun focal point of T-Square
Gemini Saturn – Sagittarius Neptune
building philosophical bridges
teaching, raising the mundane to divinity
through a wealth of chosen words

Aries Venus opposite Libra Uranus
artistic instincts run
fast and lean
raw and edgy

Gemini Saturn trine Libra Pluto
words will change the world

Saul has
polarities, dualities, dichotomies
Sun conscious opposite Moon subconscious
Saturn form opposite boundless Neptune
attracting Venus opposite separating Uranus

Aries Chiron trine Sagittarius Neptune
wise working wordsmith

healer, teacher, philosopher of SLAM poetry


The Wind’s Song
Saul Stacey Williams

the square root of a kiss is a hum
 i hum under my breath when i contemplate
the drum of your heartbeat
and my heart beats for your breath
 i revel in the wind for mere glimpses

i’m tornado over you
would you look into the eye of my storm
 i whirlwind through your life like breeze
and fill your lungs
 as we achieve the second power of a hum

I love…

as instruments come to life through breath
the wind sends my high notes to indigo communions
with Coltrane’s “Favorite Things”
…this is my body
which is given for you,
this is my blood
 which is shed for you…

my love like the wind, uncaged
blows time into timeless whirlpools
 transfiguring fear and all of it’s subordinates
(possession, jealousy, fear)
into crumbling dried leaves

my love
is the winds slave
and, thus is free

my love
 is the wind that is shaped
as it passes through the lips of earthly vessels
becoming words of wisdom
songs of freedom
or simply hot air

my love is the winds song
 if it is up to me, i’ll never die.
 if it is up to me, i’ll die tomorrow
one-thousand times in an hour
and live seven minutes later

if it is up to me, the sun will never cease to shine
 and the moon will never cease to glow
 and i’ll dance a million tomorrows
in the sun rays of the moon waves
and bathe in the yesterdays of days to come
ignoring all of my after thoughts
& preconceived notions

if it is up to me,
if it is up to me.
and thus my love:

the wind is the moons imagination wandering:
it seeps through cracks
explores the unknown
and ripples the grass
my love is my souls imagination
 how do i love thee?


noble reflections

Four of Swords: Tarot Maximo

From the mailbag:
Is the moon in Libra a good sign when it comes to healing ?

Need a little more information here, but I will dive in anyway.   For physical issues, please read about the Moon Signs, Physical Rulership and Surgery here.  That will tell you a bit about scheduling healing according to moon phase.  Moon rules the breasts and stomach, Libra rules the kidneys and ovaries.

In a nutshell:  Find your balance – Moon and Libra are fluctuating / vacillating energies.

Please know that issues in the body are the end result of emotional and spiritual difficulties that are manifesting on the material plane at the physical level.  Vibrate to the highest level : each planetary, house and sign placement to relieve pain and suffering on all dimensions.

Emotional and spiritual healing I will go into here:

First thing to remember, Moon fluctuates and Libra is the scales of balance, the cosmic weighing of options – checks and balances.  Active balancing, fluctuating is at work here. Saturn (solid, bedrock, discipline, building foundations) is exalted in Libra: meaning a level playing field, pay dirt and justice (just us) is an underlying goal to strive for in this house.

Moon rules a Cardinal (action) water (emotional) house.  Libra is an Cardinal (action) Air (intellectual, communicative) sign, it is a Venus (love, harmony) ruled.

Matters of Moon in Libra will be naturally outgoing, expressive – you will take the reins and ride out to fetch emotional and spiritual balance in a kind and co-operative way with others.  Moon is the mother, women, the public, gardening, nurturing, cooking, family matters.  Venus is wife, lover, artist, the charming beauty.

If Moon is in opposition – it will reflect the energy of both the house and planet it opposes back to you.  For instance if Moon opposes Sun in Aries, Martian (rules Aries) qualities and Sun qualities others possess will be in your face over and over until a compromise is found.  Think awareness, peace talks and peaceful negotiations.

Oppositions are people stepping forward to reflect qualities you yourself must work on and improve upon in yourself.   Employ kindness and patience and negotiate – all strong Libra qualities.  Moon oppositions can mean hurt feelings, instincts rule Moon.  So first thing ::: stop and think before reacting.  *see trines below

Perception is key with Moon oppositions : Are you projecting self onto others ?  Rejecting them for the very qualities you yourself possess ?

Oppositions are on the same wavelength : 1st house is ME (self), 7th house is US (other).  Find the similarities and compromise – vibrate higher for success. Take the high road. Justice becomes just US.  The energies need to work as a team.

Think the Chariot tarot card: fast forward progress through opposing forces.
Yin / Yang

The New Tarot Deck

If Moon is in square this represents qualities that cause internal tension that forces you to change personal traits / habits and how you deal with the house and planetary energies involved.  For instance, Moon square Mars would indicate a need to find inner balance before letting emotional responses escalate.  The tendency to act impulsively and instinctively with anger would need management.

To help solve difficult aspects :

:::Find your Moon sextiles – house or planet either one – these are your places of opportunity to find successful expression of the planetary or house energy through another path – though it will require work and effort on your part, as sextiles are opportunities.

:::Find your trines – house or planet either one – the energies are more easily expressed (same element: fire trines fire, etc…) but they are also often taken for granted.  Raise awareness of the house that trines your Libra Moon (Gemini and Aquarius) and use the energies located there to your advantage *(thinking, learning, talking is Gemini; cerebral detachment, being creatively inventive is Aquarian), also work the house placement 1st. 2nd. 3rd etc…of these trines and sextiles into your repertoire.

Most of all, Moon indicates our feelings.  Crying babies need nurturing via their Moon sign. The same holds true for cranky adults – find Libran activities to help you over the hump – love, art, music, beautiful things, scents and surroundings will help. Nurturing and care is called for when Moon is under stress.
Best of luck…questions welcomed.


“Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.”  ~Rumi


Birds, Bells & Benders

Well that  didn’t take long.  Venus into Cancer was promptly christened with waterworks.  Yee gads, spinning Wille / Kris & Songwriter – my Dad’s copy on vinyl.  Wore out my cassette, found it in my Dad’s stuff after he died.  Nothing says I miss my Dad and brother like an Outlaws bender.  Cancer is family after all….

My apologies to any and all shellfish for calling Cancer touchie-feelie this week. 

Here’s why I do…
Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) opposes Cancer – they naturally need to compromise….
My Aries Saturn, squares Cancer – they naturally need to shift power and re-focus.

I am Cap rising, Saturn is my ruler meaning I approach life seriously, slowly and with concentration and tremendous effort.  I like it no muss, no fuss – straight shooters.  Say what you mean & do what you say.  Cancer does everything through feelings, which from my standpoint can become the undertow far too quickly. My Aries Saturn Rx flips Cancer the bird from the third.  Pffft.  Seventh house, relationships squareSquareSQUARE.  ‘Pity ? Party of One your table is ready.’

gets. on. my. last. nerve.

It has to said, I have plenty of love, caring and nurturing instincts – it’s the moody, clingy emotionally overwrought wishy-washy energies that do me no good. After 15 minutes I become my own drill sgt.  suck it UP sweetheart !  Yeah you are still single – it could be worse – get. ovah. it !   Get UP and Get to WORK !

Light candles, incense, ring some bells – gain ALTITUDE – pronto !

Then I do what any good Virgo stellium would do – I dismantle the bomb.  Pick it apart and solve it.   Here’s how:

Find YOUR squaring houses and work your puzzle, your way.  

Aries squares my Cap ASC and my Cancer DC.  Internally (eternally ?  sheesh.) at war with self (1st) and others (7th).  How the heck do I get out of it..?
Third house communicates – just by being here writing, I have solved one thing.  Second, my Aries Saturn Rx opposes my 9th (but trines Sag Mars) – by teaching I find compromise with others.  [ * waves * How ya’ll doin’ out there ? ]

Squares lead to the greatest growth in the natal chart because they are internal tension you can tap into everyday to find powerful metamorphosis.

Oppositions show up when other people do.  So hermits have oppositions with bears and moose, I guess, lol.  You shall not pass … or something.  haha  You get what I am saying.

For help solving oppositions, find the midpoint energies. 

For instance in my chart Toro Moon opposes Scorpio Neptune.  The midpoint between the two (square) lands me in Aquarius, an empty house – yet Aquarius is humanitarian and ruled by Uranus – astrology.  My Uranus is conjunct 9th house Sun – a benefic – so count Sun as a powerful ally.  Answer is: I quit drinking, etc.. and funnelled all my Loonie Lunar Neptuner sensitivity into astrology & divination for the WIN !
WoOo HooOo !

Also note: Aquarius on the second can mean two jobs, self – employed or made, infrequent or unsteady income.

Or… in my case, working my ass off to make more moola (2nd house) by initiating work in the intuitive arts so I can keep my house.
(aka – Hello Aries NN in the 4th !)

questions welcome
peace out

The Round Table

What’s UP in the sky now.
See the big red X ?

My ex husband and I have that (similar- different signs / houses) in our composite.   After I learned astro, I realized it explained much about our relationship. 
Only a few days ago I was reminded of how things can turn prickly with us rather quickly.

Synastry is how you interact as a couple.  Lay one chart over the other, conjunctions are most powerful.  For example, my ex husband and I have Toro Moons conjunct; his Aries Jupiter is conjunct my Aries Saturn. We felt the same about many things (moons), and his Jupiter greased the wheels of my olde cuss Saturn Rx.  Bad news, our stelliums are squaring each other, which proved to be too much to work out.

Composite charts represent the relationship as an entity.  It is calculated by finding midpoints between the couples planets and points.  It can tell you how you bridge the gap and join forces, or conversely, where you struggle, strain and separate.

Squares – they are dynamic, stressful inner tension  that struggles for change.
You.  Your issue.

Oppositions – they are two polar opposite energies trying to find compromise. 
Us.  Our issue.

See the difference ?  Trines are fab – they are where we can coast with the energies.
Think the Major Arcana Cards :  they are  ! BOOM ! energies you can ride like a wave.

Sextiles are the opportunities, harmony exists – yet you have to fetch them, make the waves yourself.
Think Minor Arcana cards : they are the cards which represent the struggle to succeed, they are the cards that we have to work for in order to get the energies.

Conjunctions are where your energies are operating as a team of horses, or rocket engines  on either side of the boat ~>  you are on the same course, hyperdrive is locked and loaded.  You get each other in that area, no explanations needed.

Squares in synastry are harder to express, they are by nature internal.  
The energies can be quiet, brooding, seething – unless they are expressed and communicated and worked through.  *

Picture Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Everyone equal for starters – each opinion valid – that’s why the table was round.

Squares are like leaning forward to cuss and discuss issues with someone you have to crane your neck to look at.  It is uncomfortable – it is easier to ignore because it is not right in your face …. yet.   A failure to communicate will only bring the issue up again later. 

* This is where a well aspected Mercury combo in synastry will help a LOT.

Oppositions in synastry are more likely where the fighting will be flung right up on the table.
This is where strategy and diplomacy steps in – it signifies a juggling of energies to find compromise.

Oppositions are directly across the table (wheel) and right in your face – not so easily ignored.   Oppositions are more like a game of ping – pong.  They lay it down and you pick it up – or not. Click here for more thoughts on oppositions and squares.

Oppositions can actually be good in synastry because it is being aware of the other person and their concerns – it is where you are holding hands and making deals across the wheel.  The energies can find common ground because they are on the same wavelength.  For example Gemini ‘lower mind’ opposes Sagittarius ‘higher mind’ – they are opposite and must compromise, but they do understand each other.

Squares are friction, tension, an obstacle that makes us move.  They are different elements and mindsets – misunderstandings are likely. They strain, pull and irritate – we have to drag it up onto the table and hash it out – but squares though difficult, are also where we grow and Grow and GROW.  

Once solved, squares will become MORE POWERFUL THAN A TRINE.