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From the mailbag:
Is the moon in Libra a good sign when it comes to healing ?

Need a little more information here, but I will dive in anyway.   For physical issues, please read about the Moon Signs, Physical Rulership and Surgery here.  That will tell you a bit about scheduling healing according to moon phase.  Moon rules the breasts and stomach, Libra rules the kidneys and ovaries.

In a nutshell:  Find your balance – Moon and Libra are fluctuating / vacillating energies.

Please know that issues in the body are the end result of emotional and spiritual difficulties that are manifesting on the material plane at the physical level.  Vibrate to the highest level : each planetary, house and sign placement to relieve pain and suffering on all dimensions.

Emotional and spiritual healing I will go into here:

First thing to remember, Moon fluctuates and Libra is the scales of balance, the cosmic weighing of options – checks and balances.  Active balancing, fluctuating is at work here. Saturn (solid, bedrock, discipline, building foundations) is exalted in Libra: meaning a level playing field, pay dirt and justice (just us) is an underlying goal to strive for in this house.

Moon rules a Cardinal (action) water (emotional) house.  Libra is an Cardinal (action) Air (intellectual, communicative) sign, it is a Venus (love, harmony) ruled.

Matters of Moon in Libra will be naturally outgoing, expressive – you will take the reins and ride out to fetch emotional and spiritual balance in a kind and co-operative way with others.  Moon is the mother, women, the public, gardening, nurturing, cooking, family matters.  Venus is wife, lover, artist, the charming beauty.

If Moon is in opposition – it will reflect the energy of both the house and planet it opposes back to you.  For instance if Moon opposes Sun in Aries, Martian (rules Aries) qualities and Sun qualities others possess will be in your face over and over until a compromise is found.  Think awareness, peace talks and peaceful negotiations.

Oppositions are people stepping forward to reflect qualities you yourself must work on and improve upon in yourself.   Employ kindness and patience and negotiate – all strong Libra qualities.  Moon oppositions can mean hurt feelings, instincts rule Moon.  So first thing ::: stop and think before reacting.  *see trines below

Perception is key with Moon oppositions : Are you projecting self onto others ?  Rejecting them for the very qualities you yourself possess ?

Oppositions are on the same wavelength : 1st house is ME (self), 7th house is US (other).  Find the similarities and compromise – vibrate higher for success. Take the high road. Justice becomes just US.  The energies need to work as a team.

Think the Chariot tarot card: fast forward progress through opposing forces.
Yin / Yang

The New Tarot Deck

If Moon is in square this represents qualities that cause internal tension that forces you to change personal traits / habits and how you deal with the house and planetary energies involved.  For instance, Moon square Mars would indicate a need to find inner balance before letting emotional responses escalate.  The tendency to act impulsively and instinctively with anger would need management.

To help solve difficult aspects :

:::Find your Moon sextiles – house or planet either one – these are your places of opportunity to find successful expression of the planetary or house energy through another path – though it will require work and effort on your part, as sextiles are opportunities.

:::Find your trines – house or planet either one – the energies are more easily expressed (same element: fire trines fire, etc…) but they are also often taken for granted.  Raise awareness of the house that trines your Libra Moon (Gemini and Aquarius) and use the energies located there to your advantage *(thinking, learning, talking is Gemini; cerebral detachment, being creatively inventive is Aquarian), also work the house placement 1st. 2nd. 3rd etc…of these trines and sextiles into your repertoire.

Most of all, Moon indicates our feelings.  Crying babies need nurturing via their Moon sign. The same holds true for cranky adults – find Libran activities to help you over the hump – love, art, music, beautiful things, scents and surroundings will help. Nurturing and care is called for when Moon is under stress.
Best of luck…questions welcomed.


“Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.”  ~Rumi