The Round Table

What’s UP in the sky now.
See the big red X ?

My ex husband and I have that (similar- different signs / houses) in our composite.   After I learned astro, I realized it explained much about our relationship. 
Only a few days ago I was reminded of how things can turn prickly with us rather quickly.

Synastry is how you interact as a couple.  Lay one chart over the other, conjunctions are most powerful.  For example, my ex husband and I have Toro Moons conjunct; his Aries Jupiter is conjunct my Aries Saturn. We felt the same about many things (moons), and his Jupiter greased the wheels of my olde cuss Saturn Rx.  Bad news, our stelliums are squaring each other, which proved to be too much to work out.

Composite charts represent the relationship as an entity.  It is calculated by finding midpoints between the couples planets and points.  It can tell you how you bridge the gap and join forces, or conversely, where you struggle, strain and separate.

Squares – they are dynamic, stressful inner tension  that struggles for change.
You.  Your issue.

Oppositions – they are two polar opposite energies trying to find compromise. 
Us.  Our issue.

See the difference ?  Trines are fab – they are where we can coast with the energies.
Think the Major Arcana Cards :  they are  ! BOOM ! energies you can ride like a wave.

Sextiles are the opportunities, harmony exists – yet you have to fetch them, make the waves yourself.
Think Minor Arcana cards : they are the cards which represent the struggle to succeed, they are the cards that we have to work for in order to get the energies.

Conjunctions are where your energies are operating as a team of horses, or rocket engines  on either side of the boat ~>  you are on the same course, hyperdrive is locked and loaded.  You get each other in that area, no explanations needed.

Squares in synastry are harder to express, they are by nature internal.  
The energies can be quiet, brooding, seething – unless they are expressed and communicated and worked through.  *

Picture Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Everyone equal for starters – each opinion valid – that’s why the table was round.

Squares are like leaning forward to cuss and discuss issues with someone you have to crane your neck to look at.  It is uncomfortable – it is easier to ignore because it is not right in your face …. yet.   A failure to communicate will only bring the issue up again later. 

* This is where a well aspected Mercury combo in synastry will help a LOT.

Oppositions in synastry are more likely where the fighting will be flung right up on the table.
This is where strategy and diplomacy steps in – it signifies a juggling of energies to find compromise.

Oppositions are directly across the table (wheel) and right in your face – not so easily ignored.   Oppositions are more like a game of ping – pong.  They lay it down and you pick it up – or not. Click here for more thoughts on oppositions and squares.

Oppositions can actually be good in synastry because it is being aware of the other person and their concerns – it is where you are holding hands and making deals across the wheel.  The energies can find common ground because they are on the same wavelength.  For example Gemini ‘lower mind’ opposes Sagittarius ‘higher mind’ – they are opposite and must compromise, but they do understand each other.

Squares are friction, tension, an obstacle that makes us move.  They are different elements and mindsets – misunderstandings are likely. They strain, pull and irritate – we have to drag it up onto the table and hash it out – but squares though difficult, are also where we grow and Grow and GROW.  

Once solved, squares will become MORE POWERFUL THAN A TRINE.


8 thoughts on “The Round Table

  1. Really nice and clear. I love the us of colour in the last sentence. The square is tighter and more dynamic, demanding the attention. The blue trine larger but more diffuse, against the square barely seen.

  2. Glad the right brain visuals are working, it helps me to get a mental image.

    Re: edit – Delay ! Wrath of the Titans released on DVD
    today !
    Sword & Scruff party at chez Luna – WoOoHoOo !

  3. Dear Gneiss Moon, what do you think of Davidson composite method? It drives me crazy to check a composite in standard midpoint method then switch to Davidson method, all is messed up! Any suggestion would be appreciated 🙂

  4. I have found the Davidson chart , using location and date midpoints, pinpoints the energies involved in crital problem areas, as well as giving insights into how the couple is viewed by others.

    I see the standard midpoint method as a chart of a more personal nature, using the sensitive midpoints between aspects of both partners natals, it tends to reflect more private matters.
    I find both very helpful. Thanks kaali ~

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