Mojo Rising

First House
Natural house of Aries
Mars rules

The sign rising at birth
in the first house
the self
physical appearance, identity
style of competition, mannerisms, personality
physical and motor coordination
the head and face

The walk or strut is first house
attitude & altitude

The rising sign will determine
your temperament
your outlook, your early childhood
and your
physical appetites

The first house is not only
the impression made upon others
it is also 
the opinion one has of oneself. 

cloudless day

Seventh House
Natural house of Libra
Venus rules

The sign on the descendant at birth
in the seventh house
the other
partnerships, relationships

 contracts, alliances, marriage bonds

The seventh house also determines
open enemies, arbitration
lawsuits and fugitives

as well as
divorces and competition.

It is peace keepers, social consciousness
trade, unions, the organized public,
the personal physician

and money of
 tenants or people in your employ.

The seventh house
indicates the type of

you are looking for.



3 thoughts on “Mojo Rising

  1. hi there. i was reviewing eclipse/venus transit info and realised that i might be looking at all of this a bit off kilter, at least in some regards. my understanding has been that the eclipse was the leaving or losing of something in the sag house and the venus/sun conjunct was the bringing of something in the gemini house. because the sun and venus are currently right in the centre of my 8th, i have been watching my 8th BUT gemini doesnt actually rule my 8th, it just occupies a lot of it; it actually *rules* my 9th. should i be watching the 9th, therefore?
    simultaneously, i am thinking i should be keeping an eye of my pluto/uranus square which is across the wheel with pluto in the 3rd and uranus in the 6th. again, sag occupies a huge a mount of my 2nd – and the eclipse was almost exactly in my 2nd – but it *rules* my 3rd.
    in short, should i see this as a 2/8 or a 3/9 season, as mutible energy in fixed houses or mutable energy in mutably ruled houses?
    it seems timely that you should post about sign influence at the same time i am having these thoughts. thanks for any clarity you can bring. x

    • Hi Mary Beth
      Yes the full moon (partial eclipse) would be expected to shed light on matters in the Sag house. Venus occult the Sun is such a long term cycle, it will likely be understood in long-term hindsight. Similar to the outer transit planets such as Pluto are felt over a longer span of time, than say Moon which transits the wheel nearly 28 days.

      Intercepted signs are when a sign is totally enclosed in a house – it happens further away from the equator , closer to the poles the houses appear smaller – as houses divide the Earth. Intercepted houses come in pairs- Aries and Libra for instance, so the opposite houses need to work together and with their respective adjacent houses. Also look to the rulers of these intercepted houses for clues to best work the energy, the houses are larger, transtits through them take longer and the rulers and their energy may be experienced more acutely.

      If your Sun and Venus are in the middle of your 8th house I would read it middle of 8th house. ie: In my chart, (Placidius) the first 4 signs cover 3 houses, my nadir is late Aries. Saturn is in the middle of my 3rd house (fourth sign) I read it as 3rd house. Moon is in the middle of my 4th house (5th sign), I read it as 4th house. ::: I was moved around nearly every six months for years when I was growing up, my early education and learning was restricted by this, (Saturn Rx 3rd) and my home life fluctuated (Moon in 4th) greatly. :::

      I encourage you to play with other house systems and see if the planetary placements change houses (any planets close to a cusp likely will change in different systems) and see what system resonates with you and what you know of yourself and your life as experienced through your astrological lens.

      • i was referring to the affect of transiting planets rather than natal but i will assume the same principles apply; i was thinking after i commented that the manifestations could occur in the manner of the transited house but apply in the ruled house. you have simultaneously answered another questions i had: why is it that some people’s MC is sooo close to their descendent and others are more top and centre. i was wondering if they would ‘peak’ sooner on the public stage! interesting stuff 🙂
        thanks x

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