gets brains storming


Chris Samnee

Nothing has greater power than an idea whose time has arrived.
Victor Hugo

Mercury in Aries

Mercury rules the brain
Hemisphere rulership is split 
Mars rules left hemisphere – Analytical
Mercury rules right hemisphere – Creative

Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries cuts to the chase.
It thinks on the fly – the highly analytical revolving door of ideas spins like a top in this sign.  Like most fire signs, they tend not to filter.  Words pop out in fits of passionate interchanges, they keep the communication superhighway HOT.

Driven by a need to be THE FIRST to say, think, + lay tread on new intellectual roads, they are adept at speed.  Speed reading, speed pattern recog + connects, Mercury in Aries is an enthusiast of IDEAS rather than a philosopher who ponders them. (Sag)
Genius extroverts, they get brains storming – then ditch that idea for the next new thing.

Aggressive speech, thought is due to the Martian influence – witty banter brings out their best game.  Mars is the blade, after all.  Negotiation, sharing of thoughts, seeing other perspectives is hard for this impulsive, ego-driven Mercury placement. They are impatient, but have lively minds full of sudden insights and flashes of fired-up clarity.  They make great life coaches full of inspirations, quips.
Mercury in Aries is adept, agile with advice on how to GET MOVING + DO IT !


ps. How about weird brain pic – is Wolverine.
Fantastic feral Mars Mercury represent !