Soul reBirth

photo 39Tarot of the Origins

Man ready for power of spiritual insight/transformation via ritual sacrifice.

This card is reminiscent of the Lakota Sun Dance.
An abundance of angles rather than a cacophony of curves.
Odd, that.  A personal message/bolt from the blue.

I saw this card – right away I thought of A Man Called Horse, you can watch it here in comments of Metamorphoset.  Then I thought of Jupiter of course, which rules horses + this is the Year of the Wood Horse.

This Anima card is 9 – Soul Saturation – a culmination, a reckoning.
It looks like the Hanged Man from another perspective, yes ?
A leap of faith – a test of personal endurance.

My most recent epiphany was a past life reading given with 3 cards.
Ace Cups
I laughed out loud !
My Leo (Obv. lion + sun ruled) 8th house Venus Jupiter BANG ON.

Crux: this life was me returning with many of the same obstacles I had last liife as a female Caribbean slave, who died young fiercely independent despite chains.
Now in this life I endure similar obstacles that reveal and test my inner strength…
Only from a completely differing perspective.

Work out how you can alter your perspectives during Cardinal Cross, make a change for the better – see clearly – RISE ABOVE.