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Soulcards 2, Tarot of the Origins

Quickie read, intent: New Moon Prep for all.

First card you interpret, though I will pitch in that New Moons are always conjunct Sun.
Introverted, passive, reactive yin Moon meets expressive, outgoing yang Sun; traditionally seen as feminine and masculine, respectively.

Second card is Sacrifice.  A rite of passage which frees spirit from the material prison of the body in order to attain divine insight – a vision quest. 

The sacrifice card made me think of the Lakota Sun Dance (traditionally held in the summer on a full moon).  It is a rite symbolizing life and rebirth (Pluto, New Moon is conjunct) held around the sacred cottonwood tree
(found inside the cross-section is a perfect five pointed star which represents the Great Spirit).   The (skin) piercing that takes place is the most sacred part of the sundance ceremony. It represents individual sacrifice for the good of the tribe, honoring Mother Earth and women who give life through childbirth.  source

Earlier this morning a 3 card draw of my own so perfectly spoke to my need for an abundance of angles rather than a cacophony of curves.
curves & angles 003I found it a pleasingly intense insight.


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  1. That’s lovely Gneiss. I hope you are feeling bit better. I just want to say, this New Years morning, I dreamt of the Pope. Aussie Summer style very casual, lounging on banana lounges around a pool. He seemed like a really “decent, genuine bloke”. I “confessed!” to him that I know nothing about catholicism. From what I’ve seen of him, which isn’t much, he probably would like to have an interesting conversation around the pool.
    Anyway, I believe that dreams are often smoke screens thrown up by the controlling ego to hide what we’ve really been learning and doing on the astral.
    So in my meditation I looked behind the smokescreen and came up with the thought that we had been to New Years eve speech given by the Pope.
    Makes sense to me. He’s a Sag isn’t he. He certainly seemed Sag. I think ? Argentina might be too.
    The Spear ties in with the message I was getting yesterday. I’m feeling that our thick outer shells will be pierced this year and we will bust out of our eggshells. As people , not lizards or dragons or birds.
    Wishing everyone much growth and safety this year of 2014 xx

    • Pope Francis is indeed a Sagittarius, Aquarius Moon with Cancer Rising. Argentina is debated either Libra or (Sag), good work. Love the Aqua moon what with all the bird on the chimney (smoke,pope) watching. Fascinating correlation.

      I love your dream, also feel my shell has cracked in many places (Aries/Scorp eclipses & Ura/Pluto squares) and I am ready to bust out bravely into a new world.

      You know of the Holy Lance ?
      Visions and meteors and all kinds of stuff here.
      Perhaps will joggle the brain a bit, I am fascinated by the iconography of the saints and martyrs.
      Sundance ceremony, Sacrifice card and your spear dream most certainly coincide with the life, death and rebirth of Jesus… All of us really.

      I am emotionally much better, thank you…strangely in doing some back organizations at GMA I found moon in this config has brought me stomach upset in the past.
      Not this time.
      This time it is restlessness and inability to sleep. Uranian friends are reporting same, Sun/Moon/Pluto/Merc pile up square Uranus is a very low frequency buzzbuzz restlessness – not the same as the high frequency whirring of Merc- Uranus in and of themselves.
      This too shall pass.

      Many happy Blessings to you as well my friend. x

  2. I confess! In dream, I was “smokin” cigar next to Pope! {Ducks…}I do know a bit re: Holy Lance. I gotta look up his chart now. I’m sniffing an interesting trail here. The smoke is in the details…..

    • Holy smokes !
      You crack me up
      Stuck the link in my comment above for others – click on his name.
      I spy New Moon on his Cap Mercury DC for one.

  3. Bingo! Pope right on this new moon Cross! This is big dude!. Ascendant 10* Cancer.
    Get this…North node 24* Sag conjunct Sun 26* Sag Galactic centre! conjunct Jupiter 3*32′ !!! Capricorn. Just how many ascended Masters can we fit in this Space?!
    But found what I was looking for. Pluto 28* Cancer, right next to 29* Cancer in 1st. house
    I’m tracking this degree and reckon it will be a player in 2014. I think it’s revolutionary.
    I know little re: astro and I’m not smart like all you guys, but I do have a good nose for synchros.
    George Washington had this * on his I.C.! Watch this space.
    Right now 2 different types wallabies just out back here.1 with joey popping its head out of pouch, baby kookaburra still clean, in tree off deck and 2 pairs King parrots feeding on deck. Ravi Shankar and Anoushka playing sitar, I’m happy girl!

    • Funny – odd. Popes are Jupiter yes, but also Saturn, which makes sense now that I think of it.
      Will keep an eye out for future trends on 29.
      I liked that he stepped right up to the plate showing kindness to all kingdoms, human and animal, in keeping with his namesake. Very good !

      Glad you mentioned wallabies, was wondering… critter clan + the Shankars – now that is peace.
      GroOovy x

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