Freebasing Darwinism

anndr Withering Flameanndr

Uranus Direct 12 Aries 
Dec 21 Chicago 4:45 pm 
Madrid 11:45pm
Dec 22 Melbourne 9:45am

New Moon 0 Capricorn
Dec 21 Chicago 7:36pm

Dec 22 Madrid 2:36am
22 Melbourne 12:36pm

Uranus Direct in Aries is of course, square 13 degree Pluto in Capricorn. Also along for the ride in the Capricorn stellium are Mercury at 7, and Venus at 14.
AND within 3 hours we’ll have a New Capricorn Moon (conjunct Sun) at 0 degrees, fresh and new New NEW Emotional (Moon) reboot.  All in the sign of work, time, fathers and material world accomplishment via career choice.

Thoughts of the womb and the tomb (Cancer opposes Capricorn) and everything that has happened in between are commonplace.

Streamlined practicality and resourceful USE of tools is in Full Flush.  Time rolls out the earth trail …. New vistas beckon in:

Mental workings/communications
Emotional safety & home, family
Spirit expression via creation

>>>Transformation of all<<<

When OLD FORMS have stagnated and crystallized into USELESS FORMSUranus the eccentric electric crashes and CUTS (Aries/Mars blade) straight to the chase.

Just Do IT !  

Keep the best & %#$!@ the rest.

Uranian direct motion square Pluto with a tribe of old goats feels like freebasing Darwinism.
>>>Evolution on Steroids<<<

This will be evident in houses Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra – they are feeling inner tension in spades.  Forcing change via re-invention, sideways approaches and fresh new perspectives/mindshifts re: old problems.

Uranus stations are keen to reveal the SACRED on the material plane
Strange omens
Wild Totem animals
Divination becomes super-relevant and third-eye-opening.

Keep your eyes and ears and mind open – much will be revealed !
Gneiss Moon

Second Sight

FullSizeRenderElemental Tarot

Insight into healing for all in tandem with current dark moon astro energies, scroll down to former posts for deets.

Matasignais = the moon in autumn.

Daughter of water = receptivity, clairvoyance, fantasy and heightened imagination.  A vulnerable adolescent girl full of dreams and visions who is awakening to sexuality.

Blood & Water.

What I love most about this card is the intellectual/emotional elements combined aka Moon (now emo, dark and very yin) conjunct Uranus the inventor/enlightener lightning bolt of a new world cracking open below and within us.

Uranus direct on the 21st –
Ozone crack of electric messages incoming.  Surprises abound, perspective shifts are prolific !

FullSizeRender 5Njord = Goddess of Sea and Ship

Twilight time of truth.
Dark Moon coupled with rigidity.
This is navel gazing at it’s finest !
Plutonic abyss in tandem with Venusian balance = the loving metamorph.

This snake has dual potential: poison or pleasure.
Venus conjunct Pluto is choice.
Loss but also Gain.

Pluto conjunct Venus in structured Capricorn, Mercury also in Capricorn with Sun on the way with New Moon in Capricorn at zero degrees.  

Plutonic degree !
Zero is a doorway, a portal, an empty vessel holding space, the Alpha and the Omega, the breath of God.
Void & Nirvana

Note this card is the vibration of Neptune & Pluto.  Wildly magnetic and full of secretive stealth.
This is a calm and a storm.
The Eye.
The disc of the Moon holds the eye of self-knowledge and inner vision.
Second sight.

Gneiss Moon

Make it so.

Perchta (aka Mrs. Claus) BromBrom

As once the winged energy of delight
carried you over childhood’s dark abysses,
now beyond your own life build the great
arch of unimagined bridges.

Wonders happen if we can succeed
in passing through the harshest danger;
but only in a bright and purely granted
achievement can we realize the wonder.

To work with Things in the indescribable
relationship is not too hard for us;
the pattern grows more intricate and subtle,
and being swept along is not enough.

Take your practiced powers and stretch them out
until they span the chasm between two
contradictions…For the god
wants to know himself in you.
To work with Things in the indescribable

Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy New Moon, New Year !
::: Intentions set, energy cleared, vibes tweaked :::

Energy clearing

Work with this powerful New Moon

From the ground
Capricorn New Moon

in small daily practices
you walk the talk
that becomes the long distance marathon as time unfolds


peace & power


curves & angles

curves & angles 005

Soulcards 2, Tarot of the Origins

Quickie read, intent: New Moon Prep for all.

First card you interpret, though I will pitch in that New Moons are always conjunct Sun.
Introverted, passive, reactive yin Moon meets expressive, outgoing yang Sun; traditionally seen as feminine and masculine, respectively.

Second card is Sacrifice.  A rite of passage which frees spirit from the material prison of the body in order to attain divine insight – a vision quest. 

The sacrifice card made me think of the Lakota Sun Dance (traditionally held in the summer on a full moon).  It is a rite symbolizing life and rebirth (Pluto, New Moon is conjunct) held around the sacred cottonwood tree
(found inside the cross-section is a perfect five pointed star which represents the Great Spirit).   The (skin) piercing that takes place is the most sacred part of the sundance ceremony. It represents individual sacrifice for the good of the tribe, honoring Mother Earth and women who give life through childbirth.  source

Earlier this morning a 3 card draw of my own so perfectly spoke to my need for an abundance of angles rather than a cacophony of curves.
curves & angles 003I found it a pleasingly intense insight.


Climbing Everest

tree055 Toni DemuroToni Demuro

Potent lead up to
Capricorn New Super Moon

 Me ?
1 painful, 2 paralyzed, 3 plodding
Climbing Mount Everest

Mercury splits her/his time
evict ? and/or ? evoke
shifts in the brainpan
require perceptual acuity
high-octane energy

dark moons need rest
though restlessness is likely

Cardinals require action
squares slow us down

personal obstacles all over the track
we are working hard
processing data
Consciously + SUBconsciously

Grinding of gears
gnashing of teeth is normal
Squares from ALL Cardinal crisis points
force personal growth

Cut your drag coefficient
structures, situations, senses

sift the subconscious swamp
set intent for
savvy self-improvement
recognize, redeem, reconfigure, reapply force

This is the
new moon
feelings surrounding
what we have built & what we are building
with another & with ourselves
we SEE and feel the other side
the other side SEES and feels us

more on new moons

please also note
Moon rests on her Saturn finger


evict & evoke

dreams in color
Mercury in Capricorn presently
Mercury into Aquarius Jan 11

New Moon in Capricorn
Wednesday 2
5:13am CST, USA

Weaving dreamcatchers.

I love the intensity of learning inherent to the motions of the wheels of life. 
A plethora of planets placed in Capricorn for New Moon – all dipped in Saturnian flavor.
Moon conjunct Sun/ Pluto/ Mercury; Venus Rx in Cap, not conjunct

Saturn is time, ambitious climbing, bonds and structure – a plethora of new bursts forth from thought seed beginnings – in reference to spirit, feelings, thinking, communicating : metamorphosis of and rebirth of same.

SELF (Sun/Moon) meet the PUBLIC (Capricorn)
wrangle the transformation from INSIDE to OUTSIDE
do PROMISES (Jupiter Rx) meet the PAVEMENT (opp Capricorn)
your DESIRES vs needs of SOCIETY
INSTINCTS find/force/trial the BALANCE (Mars square in Libra)

New Moon/Sun accompanied by Venus Rx (not conjunct in Cap), looking back to find balance, love and friendship – what needs cultivating / clipping ? 
She will attract the tell.

I found the bones of art in motion telling.  Everyone has a bottom to their well – bones underneath their watery flesh.  Fluctuating hopes, feelings, exploration of what lives behind the wizards curtain – facing the womb and the tomb of TIME. 
The first birth and final boss. 
(Jupiter Rx opposite everything Cap)

Generational gumbo is stirred by this New Moon of BONES and CUPS.

I was speaking to my Scorpio Moon Mom today (Mom & Dad: both Scorp moon, Sun Cap, Mars 7 – tough nuts !) about generations and inclinations.  We all incarnate in groups, are attracted and conversely repelled by what we NEED to LEARN via la familia, los amigos.

Every New Moon is change, fresh from seed – this Capricorn New Moon is conjunct Pluto/Mercury – metamorphic thinking is inherent to long-lasting change.  Delve deep into yourself, your past, your ingrained, fixed habits and make a CHOICE.

Mars is in Libra, after all.

Wherever your house Aries calls, your Uranian future is beckoning.  Count on shifts forward in Aries: points near 8 degrees Gemini and Aquarius are particularly fertile for futuristic growth.

New Moon brings opportunities for Scorpio and Pisces points between 5-16 degrees. Really dig deep for buried treasure at these degrees.  I give a wider orb with the joining of luminaries, so pitching you 0-22 of these signs for New Moon changes.

Make your natal chart here.
Find houses here.
Capricorn here.

Gneiss Moon