Passion Peak

black_queen_by_alexgarner-d20k3nbAlex Garner

Friday July 25
Mars into Scorpio
Vegas 9:25pm
Saturday 26
London 3:25am
Tokyo 11:25am

Mars in Scorpio drives power and passion to their peak experience.  Vigorous regenerative energies roll under the surface of this Mars due to the influence of Pluto.
Passion pits and peaks are part and parcel of Pluto; Mars aggravates and stimulates.
You do the math.

This position is a blitzkrieg of intensity and purposeScorpio is not only identified with the Scorpion, but also the eagle – they are the silently swift strike, highly observant.  Mars in the house of Scorpio is a devious, subtle, undercutting blade rather than the obvious full-frontal attack of Mars in Aries.

Here live BATTLES over SHARED POWER – money, sex, life and death as well as secrets involving them all.  This Mars is possessive and jealous, demanding loyalty and fixed security – they will not be cuckholded by any means – unless there is a prior agreement.
Scorpio demands total honesty and full disclosure – if this is not forthcoming, Mars will ferret out the dirty deeds/deets via uncannily accurate research.

This magnetic placement attracts both the powerful and powerless for Mars here is fearless and ferocious, a sight to behold.  You want them on your team in a fight, yet they are not made for the company of wilting violets.  People with this placement run a tight ship, they are not frivolous in action or affection.

Mars here tends towards energy transformation: via traditional forms of psychotherapy or healing via shamanistic trance drumming, acupuncture (blade/needle), kendo, jiujitsu, sacred tattooing.  This Mars is inclined to interest in the occult and metaphysics – anything unknown or unseen acts as an irresistible aphrodisiac.

Focused power, increased energy, sexual desires and the persistent desire to uncover and probe subjects of interest will be on high RED alert !  

Obsessive qualities may arise – know this going in !
Choose your Battles !

Transform your own energy rather than obsess over controlling someone else’s. 

Alex Garner re: image above: If Dark Phoenix was heroin to Jean Grey, then I like to think of the Black Queen as the gateway drug. 
Mutant and Proud
Gneiss Moon