find what binds

photo 5Buddha Tarot

Two card – quick draw for quintessence of:
1 Mars in Libra takeaway
2 Mars in Scorpio ponderation

Interestingly enough both cards are numbered Eight – Mars rules ! 

1 Eight of Lotuses – A time for curbing Mars activities, pruning in order to enhance future growth.  Proper altitude, focus and deliberate increase.  The blade of Mars used to enhance potency.  Harvest what you have sown, time and place perfected.

photo 4Quantum Tarot

2 – Eight of Swords represents Quarks – 2 types of electrical charge; positive or negative. Colour is the strong force that holds them together – but only over tiny distances, gluon exchange keeps the quarks in close confinement.

Scorpio is fixed water; Mars is the blade.  Thoughts/words as well as powerful emotional actions/reactions will be the binding or loosening factor with this transit.

What powers you – what drains you ?
What binds you – what frees you ?
These will become apparent under this transit of Mars in Scorpio.