Karol Bak

Pluto Retrograde
11 degrees Capricorn

Friday 12
2:34pm CST, USA

Pluto Direct
8 59′ degrees Capricorn

Friday September 20
10:29am CST, USA

FYI: months from now Pluto will go direct into a grand Cardinal Cross (for newbies – lots of squares and oppositions in action signs) so we have that to look forward to.

This Friday, Pluto stations retrograde while in quincunx to Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of thinking, communicating, learning, siblings, rumors.  This aspect struck me days ago as The Walking Wounded.  Jupiter rules the thighs, legs, walking, running; meaning adaptation, improvisation via metamorphosis literally hits the ground running.  Thinking on your feet takes on new meaning – meanwhile, the Pluto square to Uranus in Aries is forcing the issue to hurry the fuck up already !
Houses Capricorn and Aries are obviously going head to head – the houses where  they land in your chart will show the areas of growth.  All the Cardinal signs (including Cancer and Libra) are morphing bigtime at the mo via the forces of inner transformation – or transformation forced through working in tandem with others.

Gemini house indicates changes in attitude and altitude – Jupiter expands the thinking, horizons grow to be ever inclusive, optimism is strong and we SEE the BIG PICTURE collectively.  For instance, I spent many hours this past weekend listening to old Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake lectures.  One lecture (Sept. 1981) in particular revolved around crop circles. Trilogues here, massive list.
What I found most interesting is that sacred geometry was not brought up – not even once – in crop circle discussions.  So the ’empty messages’ Terence keeps referring to, were at that time present, only misunderstood or not in the public consciousness at that time.  Evolutionary thinking at work.  I get the impression we are experiencing this revolutionary evolutionary thought processing at warp speed group think.

Think changing of the old guard – Saturn and Scorpio are reactive, passive, introverted; Uranus and Aries are positive, expressive and outgoing.  One will not be entirely chucked for the other – it is a warp and weft of the USEFUL we are inherently seeking.
There is no throw away in trash (Pluto) – it stays here – with us – we must learn to reuse and recycle and reduce in all areas of life.  This is the metamorphic lesson of Pluto.
Thinking on our feet – turning the walking wounded into the walking warriors for betterment of Mother Earth and all earthkind, all universlings.


Cusp Flux Metamorphosis

“We can transform ourselves no more quickly than we transform our language, and the way we transform our language is really pushing the envelope on the act of communication.  The caterpillar says to Alice, say what you mean and mean what you say, I do. ”  Terence McKenna

I am naturally, with Moon on Pluto square Uranus, not feeling physically well this am – mentally however; ahhhh.  Infinitely pleased with this Nutritious Miraculous Chat as Ralph Abraham terms it.  I woke up this am from a nightmare that was yes, related to men and my past and it had my heart pounding.  Then I stumbled upon this video and was taking notes of portions that triggered something in me.

Cusp Flux  – Don’t have a fit astro fiends go re-read the above re: pushing the communication envelope. I am a 29 degree Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto in 9.  Mercury at MC sextile Leo Venus / Jupiter in 8.  It resounded with me, my aspects and the times of Uranus square Pluto.  Listen to the fascinating lecture below, then you will understand.

Chaos is the birthplace of order.  Moon coming to conjunct Pluto in the sign of structure in square to the planet of chaos (Uranus).

Anima mundi (or Axis Mundi), the soul of the world or cosmic consciousness.

Coincidentia Oppositorumunion of opposites where it is both what it is and what it is not – it escapes contradiction – it is the miracle of life.  Now that link <~ I have not read, which is something I do not ever do – that is, post – then read.  Feels right this am.
If I find it lacking, I will remove it this evening.

Now, one of the best lectures I have ever heard:



Hello fine people….
Anyone getting Aries house full moon illumination, aka :: COSMIC MAIL ::  yet . . .?

I did – Aries is my 3rd house (short distance commutes).  Saturn lives there trine Sag Mars – my old truck that has taken me cross-country many, many times has to be put out to pasture.
Moon in Pisces
Waxing Moon conjuncts Neptune and Chiron before moving into Aries, where it will conjunct Uranus just prior to full.

Surprise gifts, perhaps communiques from someone who ranks higher than you, balancing acts, mergers, contracts.  Something old that needs to find release, or be transformed to fit a new future.   Look to your house of Aries.
 In other news, I am also having a re-lapse of my cold due to overwork.  Some of you may not know this, working here is my 2nd job, I work full-time too.  So back on the meds and allowing more time for sleep.  Pisces Moon loves deep healing via soaking, chill playlist and shut-eye . . .

No kidding, this Sun square thinger popping off my natal Sun/Ura/Plu stellium has been a wild ride.
Sleep, then post – in that order.

Now for a short space vid – you know the drill : dim the lights and go full-screen

blessed be

wheels within wheels

It is not competitive ability but ability to maximize cooperation with other species that most directly contributes to an organisms being able to function and endure as a member of a biome.  -Terence McKenna

Efé children of the Ituri Forest in Zaire (Rep. of Congo, central Africa) begin the Osani game by sitting in a circle, feet touching, all connected. Each child in turn names a round object like the sun (oi), the moon (tiba), a star (bibi) an eye (ue) and then goes on to name a figurative expression of “round” like the circle of the family, togetherness, a baby in the womb, or the cycle of the moon. As players fail to come up with a term that is “circular” they are eliminated from the game. Eventually, only one remains. Tradition has it that this player will live a long and prosperous life.

Recently, the Mystic Medusa tribe had a great discussion about Aquarians often being chucked into ‘humanitarian groups’ when Aquarians are feral creatures, not herd mentality.
My comment revolved around the default Aquarian vibe being set to ‘universal’, more an intuitive connection with the infinite.
The union of personal mind and universal consciousness more than any specific group affiliation.
It’s more like an instinctual knowing and appreciation for life in all its forms…the cosmos within/without…  humanitarian description is thinking too small
That last line I wrote got me thinking…maybe I’m not thinking small enough

Here’s what I’m getting at…adult human bodies have about 100 trillion cells, all made of two hundred or so different kinds of cells.  Inner cosmos, anyone !?

Cell walls are permeable, meaning there is a ‘gate-keeper’ (Saturn rules gates/restrictions, is the traditional ruler of Aquarius) choosing which ions (electrically charged, Uranus-ruled) and organic molecules to let in or out – or not.

This balanced (Venus rules Libra and Libra rules balance) give-and-take environment in the cell is vital to keep us healthy and alive.

Ok, here’s the really cool bit…
I recently read at SynerChi about cell mem-brains, meaning cells have their own intelligence.

Keep in mind Uranus is the higher octave of Mercurial thinking and rules ‘knowing’ and intuition.
Aquarius rules communities, and Venus rules teamwork (and it’s worthy of mention~ love).

Here’s a bit from the SynerChi site, including the nifty micro-macro bit at the end…!

Cells show characteristics of intelligent behavior that allow them to come together cooperatively and form ever greater and more organized structures.

Cells form communities, then tissues, then organs, then systems.

At each level of organization individual cells display awareness of their environment, and react to that environment in a way that demonstrates deliberate and direct responsiveness.

Each one of our trillions of cells have a cell ‘Mem – Brain’, that receives and responds to emotional and chemical cues, and just as single cells are controlled by their awareness of the environment in which they live, so too are human beings on the larger scale.
So love is keeping us together via teamwork micro & macro.
Cool, huh?!

Interactive Scale of the Universe      <– totally cool !  click it !

Magical Mem-Brains