Hello fine people….
Anyone getting Aries house full moon illumination, aka :: COSMIC MAIL ::  yet . . .?

I did – Aries is my 3rd house (short distance commutes).  Saturn lives there trine Sag Mars – my old truck that has taken me cross-country many, many times has to be put out to pasture.
Moon in Pisces
Waxing Moon conjuncts Neptune and Chiron before moving into Aries, where it will conjunct Uranus just prior to full.

Surprise gifts, perhaps communiques from someone who ranks higher than you, balancing acts, mergers, contracts.  Something old that needs to find release, or be transformed to fit a new future.   Look to your house of Aries.
 In other news, I am also having a re-lapse of my cold due to overwork.  Some of you may not know this, working here is my 2nd job, I work full-time too.  So back on the meds and allowing more time for sleep.  Pisces Moon loves deep healing via soaking, chill playlist and shut-eye . . .

No kidding, this Sun square thinger popping off my natal Sun/Ura/Plu stellium has been a wild ride.
Sleep, then post – in that order.

Now for a short space vid – you know the drill : dim the lights and go full-screen

blessed be