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imageVampire Tarot

Question girl has a question.
I know, I know – Leo full moon me Me ME and all that…but what sort of 8th house Leo spy researcher would I be if I didn’t have an oddball query for Aquarius Sun in opposition ?

In astrology, Sun rules the conscious; Moon the subconscious.
Rupert Sheldrake goes one step further to ask, “What if the sun has consciousness ?”

Everything has a time and season…our Sun was once born and one day will die – it is alive and giving off energy – just like us.  I look at life, also death – I am Plutonic, hence the Vampire Tarot.

It is with this spirit that I ask, “What does our star, our Sun want us to know ?”
Us being those drawing breath on Gaia now. 

Fascinating response.

Earth is erotic and seductive, mysterious and romantic…water, emotion and lust.  It is a hypnotic dream state, influential – but not all it appears to be.  Living is holy baptism in the water of life, the metamorphosis delivered by the struggle for knowledge. We are, our the earth is –  primarily water – emotional and intuitive with a desire to delve deep into experience.

Here we discover our identity, we ‘test’ the waters, so we may find balance.

The message from spirit or crux:
Grounded in the physical world is Earth school, the material limitations that must be overcome in order to fulfill the spiritual quest.  Material form is primal animal nature: blood, teeth – life and death and the lessons learned in between.  It is survival of the fittest – physical stamina coupled with cunning and craft and companionship.

Here we face karma; authority, limitations and boundaries. 

On this full moon with Jupiter we walk between worlds.
Gneiss Moon


Karol Bak

Pluto Retrograde
11 degrees Capricorn

Friday 12
2:34pm CST, USA

Pluto Direct
8 59′ degrees Capricorn

Friday September 20
10:29am CST, USA

FYI: months from now Pluto will go direct into a grand Cardinal Cross (for newbies – lots of squares and oppositions in action signs) so we have that to look forward to.

This Friday, Pluto stations retrograde while in quincunx to Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of thinking, communicating, learning, siblings, rumors.  This aspect struck me days ago as The Walking Wounded.  Jupiter rules the thighs, legs, walking, running; meaning adaptation, improvisation via metamorphosis literally hits the ground running.  Thinking on your feet takes on new meaning – meanwhile, the Pluto square to Uranus in Aries is forcing the issue to hurry the fuck up already !
Houses Capricorn and Aries are obviously going head to head – the houses where  they land in your chart will show the areas of growth.  All the Cardinal signs (including Cancer and Libra) are morphing bigtime at the mo via the forces of inner transformation – or transformation forced through working in tandem with others.

Gemini house indicates changes in attitude and altitude – Jupiter expands the thinking, horizons grow to be ever inclusive, optimism is strong and we SEE the BIG PICTURE collectively.  For instance, I spent many hours this past weekend listening to old Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake lectures.  One lecture (Sept. 1981) in particular revolved around crop circles. Trilogues here, massive list.
What I found most interesting is that sacred geometry was not brought up – not even once – in crop circle discussions.  So the ’empty messages’ Terence keeps referring to, were at that time present, only misunderstood or not in the public consciousness at that time.  Evolutionary thinking at work.  I get the impression we are experiencing this revolutionary evolutionary thought processing at warp speed group think.

Think changing of the old guard – Saturn and Scorpio are reactive, passive, introverted; Uranus and Aries are positive, expressive and outgoing.  One will not be entirely chucked for the other – it is a warp and weft of the USEFUL we are inherently seeking.
There is no throw away in trash (Pluto) – it stays here – with us – we must learn to reuse and recycle and reduce in all areas of life.  This is the metamorphic lesson of Pluto.
Thinking on our feet – turning the walking wounded into the walking warriors for betterment of Mother Earth and all earthkind, all universlings.


Cusp Flux Metamorphosis

“We can transform ourselves no more quickly than we transform our language, and the way we transform our language is really pushing the envelope on the act of communication.  The caterpillar says to Alice, say what you mean and mean what you say, I do. ”  Terence McKenna

I am naturally, with Moon on Pluto square Uranus, not feeling physically well this am – mentally however; ahhhh.  Infinitely pleased with this Nutritious Miraculous Chat as Ralph Abraham terms it.  I woke up this am from a nightmare that was yes, related to men and my past and it had my heart pounding.  Then I stumbled upon this video and was taking notes of portions that triggered something in me.

Cusp Flux  – Don’t have a fit astro fiends go re-read the above re: pushing the communication envelope. I am a 29 degree Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto in 9.  Mercury at MC sextile Leo Venus / Jupiter in 8.  It resounded with me, my aspects and the times of Uranus square Pluto.  Listen to the fascinating lecture below, then you will understand.

Chaos is the birthplace of order.  Moon coming to conjunct Pluto in the sign of structure in square to the planet of chaos (Uranus).

Anima mundi (or Axis Mundi), the soul of the world or cosmic consciousness.

Coincidentia Oppositorumunion of opposites where it is both what it is and what it is not – it escapes contradiction – it is the miracle of life.  Now that link <~ I have not read, which is something I do not ever do – that is, post – then read.  Feels right this am.
If I find it lacking, I will remove it this evening.

Now, one of the best lectures I have ever heard:


Gaia breathes

Odd that after my ‘breathing‘ post the other day, I was wondering why I didn’t think of including info about how the Earth breathes….then the US gets earthquakes.  She has been breathing for millions of years; very slowly, and at a lower vibration than humans, but breathing nonetheless.

See Pangea at left for a visual of how the continents looked millions of years ago, before plate tectonics moved the earth by the addition of new ground rising up, and older pushing below.

From Aug 22-24, several earthquakes hit regions where they do not normally occur.  Several small pre-cursor quakes out in Cali– nothing new there, they take their juice shaken most days anyway–then a 5.3 near the Colorado/New Mexico border, a few small ones near the New Madrid fault, then soon after a 5.8 in Virginia.

(Click here for USGS, then click animation to view the sequence of recent earthquakes)

I have been reading Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake. In his book, he mentions earthquake prediction via animal behavior, also known as Etho-Geological Forecasting.

Chart for the time of quake indicates chart ruler, Pluto (earth shifts) in Capricorn (material world), in square to Uranus (vibrations,quakes) in the 4th house of home and property, in square to Mars (energy) which is in opposition to Pluto.  Mars (activity) square Saturn (bedrock, Earth), which is also square Pluto.  Be aware these aspects are in cardinal signs (crisis, activity, action).
(see big red square)

There is also a grand Earth trine involving Jupiter (expansion), Venus (sensations) and Sun (government buildings) with metamorphic Pluto.

How to reduce earthquake dangers.


I think that many of the great scientists in the past have been very spiritual in their way of life. Michael Faraday, for example, who discovered electromagnetism, was an extremely spiritual man, an extremely good man. Newton was preoccupied as much with the nature of the divine, and the divine will and purpose and presence in the universe, as he was with science. Even Descartes was very interested in theology and spirituality. If you look back through the history of science, many of the greatest scientists have in fact combined these two.

It’s not a particular set of ideas or doctrines which constitute science. It’s a method of inquiry, the idea of building on what has gone before and exploring by experiment, and also an openness to new ideas. And that, I think, is completely compatible with a spiritual view of things. I don’t think you can prove some of these spiritual truths by scientific means.  ~ Rupert Sheldrake