I think that many of the great scientists in the past have been very spiritual in their way of life. Michael Faraday, for example, who discovered electromagnetism, was an extremely spiritual man, an extremely good man. Newton was preoccupied as much with the nature of the divine, and the divine will and purpose and presence in the universe, as he was with science. Even Descartes was very interested in theology and spirituality. If you look back through the history of science, many of the greatest scientists have in fact combined these two.

It’s not a particular set of ideas or doctrines which constitute science. It’s a method of inquiry, the idea of building on what has gone before and exploring by experiment, and also an openness to new ideas. And that, I think, is completely compatible with a spiritual view of things. I don’t think you can prove some of these spiritual truths by scientific means.  ~ Rupert Sheldrake