align new abilities

Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) – Alignment
This essence mainly influences the spinal column. It can be given by a chiropractor / osteopath right before an adjustment for a good effect. This elixir can activate the kundalini energy, opening all of the chakras.
Lilac spiritualizes the intellect.

Dogwood (Cornus florida) – New Abilities
Helps release certain long-buried psychic gifts within people. Assists in abilities to draw information directly from stellar bodies and beings of interdimensional consciousness.

List of more flower essences and their healing properties here (click).
How to make them here (click).

First sunshine day of vacation yippie  and yes, I check the aspects when I harvest.  Transiting Moon is coming to conjunct my natal Part of Fortune, Jupiter and Venus conjunction in Leo.  P of F and Jupiter sextile Mercury and all square biggie Neptune in natal.  Today’s Jupiter (currently conjunct my natal moon) quintiles Neptune in Pisces; Venus is at 29 degrees of Taurus, a culmination degree.  rrrighteous !

The Leo man who was instrumental in my study of astrology has Jupiter conjunct my North Node of Destiny.  Unexpectedly, he showed up two nights ago and I talked to him for the first time in months as transiting Jupiter came to conjunct my natal moon.
Transiting Uranus (rules astrology) was conjunct his North Node of Destiny that night.
This post is a thank you to him for opening this amazing cosmic door for me.

blessed be ~

zen transit

Lovely little zen transit we’re having, yes..?

Luna exalted in Toro smooshed in between Jupiter and Venus the benefics…mmm… couldn’t have come at a better time after all that Sun Uranus business.

Were you jittery, sleepless..?…  welcome to my world…it passed, and now we can rest up a bit, Moon loves Taurus loves Moon.

I have Sun conjunct Uranus in my natal, so nothing new energy wise, except it did spark a huge need for purge and separation from all the stagnant male trash laying around.
Giant two drawer filing cabinet purged !  Vesta is in Aries too, I set fire to all of it in my fireplace – quite satisfying, yes indeed.
I have Saturn Rx in Aries so enter Fire Sun + Uranus = heave HO !
Not to mention transit Pluto is in Capricorn square my Saturn Rx as well.

Sun and Saturn are the father, the men, the authorities in the natal.
Pluto and Uranus shakes everything loose, hallelujah, Amen !

All I needed was a bit of Arian activation and Mars Rx and Mercury Rx in mutual reception resulted in Virgo feng shui & organization shiva style.
Fancy that – trumped Toro Moon tv watching and couch spudding. !

Out with the Old and In with the New, right ON !

Did you feel a similar shift in your Aries house..?  Your natal house where Mars lives, perhaps..?…then your Mercury house probably felt it too, since they are hooked up energetically.  Whatever it was ~> it was a drastic shift in focus, am I right ?!
Gotta love the new perspective Uranus always brings, bit easier with good earth energies to ground the electricity, yes..?  I certainly was a productive little Virgo, and it came out of nowhere ZAP presto !

Enjoy the sensual massage Moon, Luna enters Gemini the 29th and Lunar energies will scatter and chatter.  She’s more energetic and flighty in air, so finish your practical work now and brainstorms will come later in Gemini.

Jupiter in Taurus is quintile (talent, spiritual gift) Neptune in Pisces; they are traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, respectively.
It’s a fabulous time for divination and artwork ~ any sort of creativity, really.
Taurus is Venus ruled and lots of good vibes are the rolling thunder under that house in your chart at the moment.  Take advantage of it, Moon moves to square Neptune tomorrow night as it moves to the latter degrees of Taurus.

Saturn Rx in Libra is quintile Pluto in Capricorn as well.
Work the gift, USE it to create something, re-structure your place of business, beautify your workspace and make it work for you !

Here’s the Bagua ~ orient the career portion to where you sit at your desk.  Use colors, objects as described in the chart to inject a fresh energy VooOoSH  into your work environs and bring prosperity, luck, romance, etc…

I have 2 desks; a solid wood workbench suitable for hammering pounding and making leather – 3 feet from it is my computer desk.

Candles in the romance sector on both desks, I always have liked them on the upper right.  I have a metal elephant bell (trunk up !) in the creativity sector on my workbench, did that much intuitively, without the map, so that’s cool. This is not the first time I’ve ‘got’ the feng shui intuitively, I love fusion interiors, comes naturally.

What’s on your desk ?  My computer desk has Yoda in the fame sector, lol.
Jedi Master… fame & reputation…works for me !
peace out ~ 

Use the force ~


Neptune rules not only string instruments, but also inspiration, dreams, spiritual intelligence and healing.
On the flipside, Neptune rules fog, illusion, deception, drugs & alcohol.
It’s a fun little planet to lasso ~> but it may be a hard ride if you have squares and oppositions.
All my difficult aspects are linked to it, and it has taken me years to get my head on straight and I’m still working on it.

I still love Neptune, how can I not ?!
Music… c’mon…can’t live without that.
My Neptune is opposite Moon (feelings) exalted in Toro.
If I get upset, I sing.
Drag out every old Cheap Trick album and let ‘er rip.

Taurus rules the throat and just for the record, (yes, I still have my vinyl) Robin Zander, the fantastic lead singer of Cheap Trick has Moon in Toro conjunct Jupiter (luck, expansion).  Not too shabby !  Here he is, most likely singing “Dream Police’  judging by the hat.
My Moon dovetails right between Robins moon and Jupiter via synastry !  …No wonder singing Cheap Trick all these years helps me feel better !

(My ex husband and I had Moons exactly conjunct and we felt the same about many things.)