how many x

Saturn rules spiders, they build.

I am careful not to destruct their webs while walking through my yard.
I just sit and watch them spin, they fascinate me.
Building.  Always building.  Work, work and more work.

Spider, my yard

Spinning all sorts of webs, not just orbs like you see pasted up in Halloween windows,  but funnels and string lines with lassos, all sorts of designs to suit the purpose.
I wonder how many webs a spider spins during their life ?  How many times does their masterpiece get wrecked to the point it is better to leave it and start over on another one ?
Pluto is wrecking ball my Saturn right now.

Asheville, NC artist.  Please, forgive, too many years ago to remember.

Neptune is opposing my Venus Jupiter conjunction in the 8th, and I want to build art.
I want the materials and tools (Mars) in my hands.  (Saturn in Aries 3rd, trine Mars in Sag)
I love to work with my hands (Gemini 6th).  I love leatherwork.  (Saturn rules me and leather)  I love the way it smells and the way the wrinkles in the hide feel underneath my fingertips when I lace it with sinew.  (Toro Moon 4th)

Gneiss Moon

It’s dead, and I’m Plutonic.
Skulls, bones, feathers, hides, skins, rocks, crystals, quills, furs, twigs and sticks, axes and arrowheads are all over my place.  Death is a part of life.  I get the feng shui, and I practice it my way.  The dead stuff stays.

I’m pretty Uranian too with Neptune waterfalling all over my chart from the 11th and Uranus/Pluto conjunct Sun in the 9th.

I’m self – taught in many areas, I prefer it to classes, tests and schedules.
What I want to learn, no school around here teaches anyway.

Lone wolf.