the-moon-2-185x300Moon into Sagittarius in less than an hour and I am all kinds of relieved.
I did take a second to ask the tarot where we glean our sharpest, deepest insights from The Scorping. We walked the valley of the shadow of death.  In that valley is our treasure.  Only you know what it is.

Not surprisingly, we will learn the most from our guts, our instincts.  How we acted & reacted – both to each other and also to the deepest part of ourselves.
Somewhere between the personal and divine will we uncovered/created a light in the dark.


I also asked what is the great lesson of hope that laid sleeping in the cave of Scorpio, I drew another Whammy Major – The Wheel.
To every time a season, a purpose under heaven.
Everything Changes.

If your life is sucking rotten eggs at the moment, it won’t always.  There will be light in the darkness…in time.


3 thoughts on “gearshifts

  1. Very Zen! Love it! The Moon, so apt and a beautiful painting, followed by a hopeful wheel, turning of calmer karma. “The Scorping”, so true, the 8 spoked wheel is a doodle I’ve drawn forever, in very precise order and 1 of my favourite old songs by “The Byrds!”
    Enjoy your Sag moon, I’m off to go and shoot some arrows.

    • haha you as well, off and running myself – – –
      Love it that you doodle the wheel. Have you read the doodle divinations ? You might enjoy it.
      Includes circles : ) it is here.

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