post eclipse exhale

Gneiss Moon

That eclipse season was weird, yeah ? 
HUGE shift in energy this am.
Positive, lighter.
 Kitties were all kissy goo goo.

They most certainly felt
 my Leo/Scorp square going wonk
in addition to their own deets
going bonk.

Yesterday was
: : : BUZZ : : :
all day
I could not
buy beg or borrow a settling in.

Why ?
Eclipse opp my natal moon
square natal Ven/Jupes
Ura squ Pluto (conj in my natal)
Jupiter square natal Merc

So today the/my energy
is finally productive in one direction

I am catching up with my extra hour.

How did you fare
through the
Aries 25 Lunar – Scorp 11 Solar 
Uranus square Pluto
astrofiends ?

I have much to think about
grind out with
some efficient Mars in Virgo
healing, sorting, cleaning

Mars into Libra December 7
totally different action plan, then
more on that later.

Peace Love and Organization

14 thoughts on “post eclipse exhale

  1. I can relate!

    New Moon Scorpio — eclipse is hitting my 5th house of creativity, where natal Neptune, North Node, Vertex, Moon, all in Scorpio. A stellium of the Moon, Mercury, North Node, Sun, and Saturn is transiting. YIKES!

    I’ve checked in with the High Priestess, and who knows, perhaps this Gemini will be singing space opera, while floating in the air when it’s over!



  2. I felt exactly the same release when I got up this a.m. Calm, peace prevails after a fortnight or so of feeling like I had my finger stuck in the power socket with my hair electric. 12th. house Scorp fest. Big worries re: fire this season. It’s all o.k.
    Been purifying, meditating, staying away from peoples’ dramas.
    Mars Virgo energy has been great for motivating me to sort out and clean, after a few months of not being able to do much due to foot probs which are slowly mending.
    I was feeling the possibility of anything happening.
    This a.m. reading local news online, and there’s footage of U.F.O.s spotted flying towards the light house Byron Bay. Up to 30 orange globes flying in groups of 3-4 seen after midnight Sat. night N.S.W. time.
    A lot of lights have been seen around Mt. Warning which overlooks Byron Bay.

    • WoW.
      …in increments, same light socket feel.
      Very glad the fires are no longer a threat.

      Feet probs also for me the last few months…
      Strange, all over parts of my right (future) foot and traveling.
      I reiki, they shift. hmmm…interesting.
      Perhaps a symptom of Neptuner in Pisces w/ Chiron ?
      My Chiron square galactic center in 12th from Pisces, natal, 3.

      I am going to google the strange lights you mention.
      Mt Warning.
      Anything to offer there ?
      The obvious..? ! Much to think about.
      Not familiar with your region, have not walked it myself.
      Great to hear you are feeling the positive shift x

  3. Here’s the link:
    The area is on the coast Northern New South Wales. Mt. Warning was a landmark for sailors, it’s a bit inland from the Bay. It has a lot of spiritual, mystical significance and a very powerful energy. A lot of min min lights have been seen around the mountain.
    Ciron in Pisces has been creating more right foot probs than I’ve ever had, coupled with last day of last Merc. retch.

  4. Thank you for the link, for some reason it is defunct.
    I clicked, but rummaged around, found it here.
    Photos here.

    I saw a UFO in high school while standing next to a friend on his front porch.
    Weirdest thing…lit up the whole night sky – shrank to a pinpoint – whizzed off into space perpendicular to the Earth.

    I see there are many sightings, groups talking about it.
    The videographer seems rather blasé.
    Whaddya reckon this the angelic intervention thing I mentioned ?
    I certainly felt it over here, in my own ways, that is.
    As far as Chiron Piscean feet goes, that is very interesting as well.
    Will consult deep thought. (Hitchhikers ref)

  5. Thanks for sorting out that link. I saw lots of them many years ago in an isolated area when I camped out in the bush for a few months. I haven’t seen any since but I was so fascinated that I read a lot about them. It’s interesting… will need some time to suss out what’s happening. It kind of feels like there could be a bit going on. Whatever, it feels positive!
    I was picking up a protective overall essence leading up to the eclipse, and yes definitely 100th monks and monkeys scenario. Hanuman can do anything!!

    • I see Mt Warning looks like a sleeping giant.

      Very interesting…. called Wollumbin by the Bundjalung, meaning cloud catcher, rain maker, brush turkey – the sacred ground of warrior spirits, associated with thunder and rain.

      I immediately saw brush turkey in my Dreamtime deck with lighting striking, glad I looked it up, thank you !
      I will do a read from my deck soon…such a day I have had catching up and the cats are zooming like it’s the Indy 500. crazy !

  6. Thank-you for the photo. Sugar cane is formed around Mt. Warning. It has a very strong masculine energy and I love that place. It’s all magical country around there and surprising ravines.
    I have a few brush turkeys around here. Last week I took a wander down the back of my place which I haven’t been able to access for a few months and discovered the track was totally cleared and I had a big turkey nest. The males meticulously scratch up every leaf around the place and build this huge mound which would have been 11/2 metres high and 2 across. The males guard the nest which has eggs of various females and they regulate the temperature by adding or removing mulch.

    • How cool … feels yin where I live. Water trines water from two yin houses in my natal and the lake is north of me.
      I will look up brush turkey, I told all sorts of peeps about that nifty tree owl. Thank you as well. . . am finally off to the land of nod.

  7. I don’t live there any more, but I do have a strong connection to Mt. Warning. Still drilling …..and just remembered something interesting, that Byron Bay is the most easterly point of Australia and Mt. Warning is the 1st. piece of land that receives the Sun’s light every morning!
    When I went walking few days ago I passed tawny frogmouth before I realised he was there in the crook of a small tree. I stopped and chatted but he didn’t stir and seemed to be fast asleep, which caused me to wonder about tawny frogmouth dreaming?!

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