post eclipse exhale

Gneiss Moon

That eclipse season was weird, yeah ? 
HUGE shift in energy this am.
Positive, lighter.
 Kitties were all kissy goo goo.

They most certainly felt
 my Leo/Scorp square going wonk
in addition to their own deets
going bonk.

Yesterday was
: : : BUZZ : : :
all day
I could not
buy beg or borrow a settling in.

Why ?
Eclipse opp my natal moon
square natal Ven/Jupes
Ura squ Pluto (conj in my natal)
Jupiter square natal Merc

So today the/my energy
is finally productive in one direction

I am catching up with my extra hour.

How did you fare
through the
Aries 25 Lunar – Scorp 11 Solar 
Uranus square Pluto
astrofiends ?

I have much to think about
grind out with
some efficient Mars in Virgo
healing, sorting, cleaning

Mars into Libra December 7
totally different action plan, then
more on that later.

Peace Love and Organization