Doctor, Doctor

Brilliant !” My favorite Doctor, perfect 10, David.

“Bodies are boring, I’ve had loads of them.”  11th, Matt

Imagine that – Doctor Who has a 6th house Sagittarius Stellium  !

This does not surprise me in the least. King of Wands all over. Did you see my recent Aces High Draw in twitfeed ?  haha Kismet !  All 4 Aces culminating in King of Wands – groovy !  This stellium configuration tickles me to regeneration, because I have a Virgo stellium on the 9th of Sag; Doc has a Sag stellium on the 6th of Virgo.
heeheeYaY !
Geronimo !

Fresh as a daisy 0 degree Sagittarius Sun with Sag Mercury, Mars, Venus up for going on tour at the drop of a fez, Aquarius Moon for a bit of eccentric zip.  Gemini Rising for gift of gab, versatility, thinking on your feet – also being a cheeky flirty birdy !

Saturn (TIME, and the loner) smack on eccentric Aquarius (genius) MC aka Midheaven (peak of achievements, bulbs flashing), in the 9th house of boho travel.  Moon-ruled North Node in Cancer on 11 degrees – same as Mercury in Sag.  Remember how Martha spread the word, defeated The Master – how apt !

Sag Mars squares TARDIS <~(click for biggie asteroid TARDIS post) in 11th house Pisces exact at 21 degrees, a stolen time space machine with a mind of her own – spins The Doctor sideways to what she AIMS him to SEE, hands him plenty of surprises and off track destinations !  Sun and Mercury trine Aries Jupiter (Doctor Jupes is smack on my natal Saturn ::GRIN:: )  Means two benefics spreading courageous goodwill and good vibes of 6th house healing (plus, Chiron in Pisces 10) to all beings of the time multiverses.

Doctor Who’s rambling conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars squares Virgo Uranus/Pluto in the 4th, though he doesn’t live on Earth, he feels a responsibility to protect her and will become enraged if she or her life is threatened.  This is also true for other worlds – he is The Coming Storm.  He is a fierce and mighty protector of those who are underlings (Virgo, 6th house) without power.

Tenth house Aquarius Moon quintile Sag Mercury is most definitely getting out of tight spots by your wits and USING what you KNOW, have LEARNED over time and eons of experience.  Scorp Neptune square Aquarius Moon and Saturn – haha the phrase timey whimey comes to mind !  In this case among other things, a penetrating mind keen for research, travel, the unusual, built for shake-ups in career aka: being his own boss, rather than a long-term partnership in a rut in one spot.

Pisces Chiron trines North Node and Neptune forming a Grand Water Trine of healing, feeling and reeling the companions in (co-workers are 6th house) for the same common goals of delving deep into the mysterious cosmos, helping others.

Now for some fun transits and progs: 

Chiron return ! 
Learning the meaning of the wounded healer by review of past accomplishments/work, seeing/feeling the deep wound of the life/work – tweaking the sitch and heading back out into the fray to go another round of healing/leaning/philosophizing getting it better and brighter.  Chiron also trines North Node, leading the way with the public (Moon) showing how we can move into OUR FUTURE with tolerance and understanding, peace with all life forms.  Brilliant !

Transit Cancer Jupiter Rx trine natal TARDIS in Pisces 10; opposite transit Venus and TARDIS in Cap 8 – the traveler looks back (Rx) into Time and Relative Dimension in Space – feels the impact made with the people, the public, the collective cosmos, how is the balance – is the transformation good for you too !?.

Cap on the 8th, ruler Saturn on MC lovin’ that !
The Doctor doesn’t die, he regenerates. 
hee getting all tingly just thinkin’ ’bout it !

Also, Venus transit Cap is the passage of time, great hurdles overcome and the bonds of love across time and of course, space.  Progressed Mercury, Sun and Mars all in Cap on 6th – spotlight on the work over TIME, the change in perspectives are lovingly crisp, intense, and talked about as Venus, TARDIS and Pluto transit this house.

Oh come on, what’s your fave (Venus) episode, your fave Doctor ?
I have so MANY it is hard to choose !  Silence in the Library

Progressed TARDIS lands on the Zero degrees Aries Point, indicating a huge rush of outward energies – YES !  Progressed MC lands in Aries which is such an I AM, identity, how I pioneer the world in my fashion gig – with Leo rising in progressed the spotlight is on the craft of self  – the spirit of the Doctor in all his incarnations, all episodes, all are distinct and memorable – in their own way they each own the role. 

Last one – progressed Venus is on natal Moon a charge and kick it up a notch love attraction from both women and yes, the public at large – doubly so since natal Moon lands in the 10th at MC.  Love the TIME LORDS, yes we do !

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor
Many, many more regenerations . . .


Old Girl

haha Did you wish REALLY hard ?!?

TARDIS : Time And Relative Dimension In Space : asteroid 3325
Positively Giddy !
Absolutely Positively Giddy !
I have TARDIS conjunct Scorp Neptuner in 11th, naturally.
Meaning it squares Venus + Jupiter in Leo.
Bonus Round : TARDIS Sextiles my Uranus, Trines my Chiron
TARDIS has relevance, believe me – in my chart and those of loved ones.
First, about asteroids: some use only the aspect of conjunctions for reasons of strength – I use them all.

An example – I was at a friend’s party – I met my future husband’s eyes from across the room.  Across the hallway first in high school, then later after I graduated from college.  *Instant sparks*  the vibe was coursing across the room – our energy was building until we had a heh. transit later that evening … then – BOOM !
You see, the first vibe paved the way for the transit later, so this is why I count all the aspects – close and far.
Second, about time: I experience space and time between me, you and everything in the known and unknown universe then, now, whenever and wherever as in flux, alive and breathing, energetically in flow and exchanging.

Time is fluid – past, present and future are occurring simultaneously, in unison.  What is happening now will change the past and future.

Historically, humans thought the earth was flat.
Historically humans thought time only flowed in one direction.
Time is, for lack of better words, timey- whimey.
Astrologers study the wheel of life, the cycles of life – or the breathing of time – if you will.  The cycles and macro planetary influences as they circle into, and out of, our personal micro spheres, our physical realm, our universe comprised of flesh, bone, brain, cells and vessels.  Time breathes with us.  Time is cyclic. 
For most of traditional humanity, linear history is profane, and sacredness lies in cyclic
The Sacred cannot be found in the mythical age; it exists outside all ages. Thus, human fulfilment does not lie in returning to a sacred time, but in escaping from time altogether, in “a transcendence of the cosmos.” {snip} The philosophical concept of eternal return {is born as} an endless cosmic cycle, with no beginning and, thus, no inherently sacred time.  source
Now for how to read TARDIS in your chart…

TARDIS was conjunct Saturn ( rules time, of course ! )  in Scorpio when it was discovered – in a sky full of retrogrades – 7 retrogrades !  That is rare.
Venus was direct, everything else was retrograde. (Sun and Moon do not retrograde.)
May 3, 1984 Flagstaff, AZ, USA if you want to look it up.

Read TARDIS a bit like a retrograde…it is a place where you and time  slow.
It is where you study and research the energies – learn how to work the mysteries and direct them in innovative ways.

TARDIS is where there is more to the energies than it first appears  – like a retrograde, the energy is turned inward  (think Plutonic regeneration) until it is honed, sharpened into a unique talent.

TARDIS is where you are cunning and clever, where you manifest BRILLIANT escape routes from difficult situations.

TARDIS is where you defend and protect the universal welfare of others.

TARDIS is where slow, steady, study and inventive thinking will metamorphose into your greatest genius talent  – your escape hatch – and your eventual rebirth.

Capricorn Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor, besides having an Aqua stellium (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and North Node), a Grand Cross (with Aries Uranus square Cancer Pluto) has Capricorn TARDIS trine his Virgo Neptune.

Aquarian Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor, has Aries TARDIS conjunct Venus and sextile Mercury.

Aries David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, has Cancer TARDIS square Uranus, square Chiron, Quintile Sun<~ !

Scorpio Matt Smith, the 11th (current) Doctor, has Leo TARDIS trine Mars, sextile Saturn, square Uranus, trine Neptune, sextile Pluto and square Chiron.
TARDIS is currently at 14 degrees Libra – go check her out !
She is a beautiful Old Girl !