I have been getting the best deep sleeps of my life this past week, I love it.

I am making up for all the time I lost sleep when Uranus was parked on my natal Saturn Rx in Aries trine Mars.  I was taking the blues every night – and still couldn’t sleep a wink, it was weird and robotic. 

So moving with the cycles, I am sleeping as much as I can when Neptuner is in flux.
The weird Uranian passage will return to my natal when Uranus stations direct on December 13. 

Everyone else having deep sleeps ..?   Curious.
Me, deep sleeps / sci-fi movie fixation – Neptuner most highly aspected in 11th.  I am feeling it, loving it …f i n a l l y… we return to the deep seas…

I’ll be back this evening with more about energy clearing via WATER.

Virgo Moon
void of course

6:27pm CST,USA

void ends when Moon enters Libra 3:35am

Neptune stations direct Sunday 11th
1:52am CST,USA


rocks, seas, bones and grace

Neptune Stations Direct
0 22′ Pisces
November 11 
1:52am CST, USA

Total Solar Eclipse 
November 13

21 56′ Scorpio
3:59pm CST,USA


Neptune is magnetic, negative, astringent and contractive.  It is moist, warm, fruitful, mysterious and elusive.

Sun and (New) Moon are conjunct earth during the total solar eclipse in Scorpio.

We will effectively be drawing down the solar and lunar rays of this eclipse onto the material plane.

Your SCORPIO HOUSE is getting an influx of RAPID GROWTH.

Sun enhances / induces spiritual illumination
Moon enhances / induces moral and physical development

If you were born in the late 60’s this eclipse will draw down solar and lunar energies into the Scorpio area of your natal chart where Neptune lives.

I am writing WILL BE when in fact, if Neptune is a major player in your chart, you ALREADY HAVE BEEN getting this, yes ?  I have for some time.

Sun is magnetic; new moon less so.

Given that the eclipse is exact in the Venusian 7th house of Libra (magnetic), Venus is trine Jupiter from AIR to AIR and Mercury will next pass over the eclipse point in Rx…

Communication is on the table and it surrounds money, creativity, love.  
Most probably all 3.

When Neptune is involved – use caution and stay grounded in reality at least during the daytime – trust me on this one !

Magicks in grounding to ponder on a Virgo moon.
Rocks WILL help ground you…
Will return…


may the fork be with you

Happy Day everyone –

Void Moon in Leo
begins 9:27am CST, USA
ends with
Moon into Virgo 10:35pm CST, USA

Samhain crossquarter day – Sun at 15′ Scorpio…more on that later

Libra Venus trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini : Air to Air with Mercury in flux ?  haha all kinds of interesting information is popping up, yes ?   Saw that comin’.

Neptune is stationing direct Sunday, with Mercury in Rx flux – cue sleep of the dead replete with wacko dream scenarios ? Check ! 

Mine ? : Music festy cuss and discuss (surprise ! on live cam) morphs into surrounded by antiques, quilts and stitching – but not just any stitching – heirloom stitching, recorded for historical and $$ value, and of course, cue Mercurial man, shiny object, white clapboard stairs leading everywhere, construction workers and we have a sign of Neptuner turning this ship around ! 
My sweet old quilting bee ladies in New England got me covered, stitching up the pieces.  Hallelujah Amen sistah !   Let’s get on with it  !

Scorpio Saturn trine Chiron Rx in Pisces and it occurs to me all this purging of the old deadwood is fabulous, healthy and vital – but in truth – many events in our lives are forever a part of us and simply have to be morphed into a form we can live with.

Hold a death / change / metamorph ceremony for your memory.
Dig a hole in the earth, ground the energy, the awful memory – really deep six it if you have to.  Release the energetic connection it has with you / and you with it – with the burial …let it go…  Fill the hole with dirt, make an offering of tobacco, bless the earth and the seed with consecrated water.  Consider your memory the fertilizer that will nourish the new flower seed you plant.  New fresh life will grow and form new memories that feel better.

Jupiter rules ceremonies – faith, optimism and HOPE.

It helps – I’ve done this very thing – and it works.
Only one thing I keep from my horrible time and that is my tuning fork. 

blessed be


Freydoon Rassouli

Well this has certainly been an interesting set of transits . . .woke up this morning five minutes after I am supposed to be at work.  Safe to say Scorpio boss found this Toro Full Moon a tad disagreeable to his Sun.  Toro just shy of full  Moon opposition was sliding in between Sun and Saturn the boss planets  opposite in Scorpio right when I woke up.  Seriously.  Can’t make this shit up.

Venus popped into Libra (my MC – career) opposite [omgwhattimeissit !?! oh fuq I’m late] Uranus the awakener in Aries, the Mercurial Trickster just bounded into Sagittarius and a square to Neptuner the sleeping princess aka good morning astrology !

SoOo…this is gonna be quick.  I was running errands, the wind picked up, walking meditation kicked the brainpan into high gear, some clarification on yesterday’s post and some new quickies…
First of all, didn’t want to give the impression that D.C. or NYC or anywhere else in the east needs a good energetic clean anymore than anywhere else on earth.

Second of all, to all you rockstars who would rather not be tossed in a heap with ‘rockstar politicians’ : if you are working high Neptune – you aren’t.  If however; you want your money for nothin’ and your chicks for free – that’s low Neptune and puts you in the creep heap.   * See Duff McKagen for young days toxic low Neptune metamorphed into older, sober, buff Duff working his high Neptune helping other musicians.
What I did mean by cleaning is :

Gaia is TCB ( takin’ care of business ).
She IS 70 % water, after all – intuitive, emotional and she IS communicating.

The Vishuddha is the throat chakra – it is blue, Mercury rules.

Mercury squared Neptunian seas the moment it entered Sagittarius, the sign of visionary teaching and SEEING the UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

Gaia IS alive – she is just vibrating much more slowly on the electromagnetic spectrum than humans.  See Pangea and earth evolution on a former post here.  This superstorm hurricane Sandy is helping to keep the oceans thermohaline circulation working properly – it has to keep moving or we’re all screwed.

GAIA IS IN CHARGE of cosmic checks and balances – she is flat out showing the boss planets Saturn conjunct Sun in Scorpio WHO REALLY HAS THE POWER.

Not governments, not corporations rife with greed, not politicians, not the famous ‘reality’ show bullshit advertisement avalanche we are buried in – none of it.

It all comes down to accepting our place in the fabric of earth time – humans are but a teeny weenie blip in earth time.  There have been FIVE MASS EXTINCTIONS on this planet.   Humans have managed to do more damage in far less time than any other species on earth – ever – in 4.6 BILLION years.  Sobering, yes ?

Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception = POWER CONTROL on EARTH


Venus in her home – the sign of love and balance – Libra
She is applying to Pluto the metamorphic transformer of desires
She opposes radical inventive Uranus

Pluto is the fulcrum upon which our future swings


She’s what we went back for.
Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius.
Saturn rules earth.

Scientific progress must go hand in hand 

 om mani padme hum

mercurious myst

Mercury into Sagittarius
Monday October 29
1:18am CST, USA

Mercury into mutable Sagittarius fire, folks.  Duality and change-ups naturally associated with Mercury will be kicked up a notch or two in a mutable sign.

Mutable signs indicate changes, adaptability ::: they are the go-betweens, the social set ::: passing the baton from the outgoing Cardinals to the stable Fixed signs.

This is worth noting as Mercury stations retrograde on Election Day in the US.

Mercury Stations Retrograde 
Tuesday November 6
5:04pm CST, USA

Purchases of large ticket items, signing contracts, making deals are all ill-advised during Mercury retrograde, and most certainly on the days surrounding station when the energetic shift in trickster Mercurial energies is more strongly felt.

Mercury rules counting, calculations, perception and logic
Neptune rules voting (secret ballots), fraud, deception and mysterious events.

The rockstar politico circus is coming to town – and the Trickster is Ringmaster.

Two communication signs, Gemini (Mercury rules) and Sagittarius are juggling compromise.

Virgo (Mercury rules) and Pisces are the lucky signs ripping up the Mercurial obstacle course, making hard decisions.

Virgos require abacus perfection.
Pisces, well the slippery fishes are …ummm a bit nebulous on a good day.

This is going to be an interesting election – I’ll guarantee you that.
Is The Count still on the Sesame St. payroll – may wanna fetch ‘im.
We may need his fingers, toes and little number friends.

A silent prayer for our nation, if you please.
Our election is not the only reason why, either…


Neptune Stations Direct
0 22′ Pisces
November 11
1:52am CST, USA

Stations of slow moving outer planets are felt for weeks in advance – particularly if that planet is prominent in your natal chart.  In the US Sibley chart, 9th house Virgo Neptune is at 22 degrees (trine 2nd house Capricorn Pluto Rx) putting it in a sextile (opportunity) to the upcoming solar eclipse in Scorpio 21 56′.

Fixed houses are building.
Long-term values and ideas meet the material (Toro), emotional (Scorpio) and intellectual (Aquarius) plane – fixed signs are brick-laying the road to create a new life (Leo is Sun – ruled = life).

Eclipse energies draw out and materialize the emotional onto the physical plane while intellectual Aquarius must do the hardest work – brainstorm creative solutions in tandem with Leo, our NEW LIFE.

Toro / Scorpio
::: what’s mine and what’s ours :::
 ::: what I want and what we desire :::
Venus (balanced) and Pluto (transformation)

Toro / Scorpio houses are succeedant ::: emotional :::
emotions are water
we have Neptune stationing direct in 15 days

Hurricane Sandy

Neptunian water is intuitive, psychic and it delves deep into memory.

The water signs signal ENDINGS: the womb and the tomb (Cancer), the sexual act, death, and the release of life as we know it (Scorpio), release and re-union with the cosmic universal energy (Pisces).

I do not mean this literally – instead I am speaking metaphorically.
The Macro / Micro universe are having a soulful cry over what has been lost.
This Pluto Uranus square is CHANGING EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.
This hurricane is [on a macro level] clearing the energies of that portion of the US.
The US capitol is out there, among other things … just a thought.
About Neptune…
Strange thing is… months ago I was thinking and wondering what this reversal of Neptune towards Aquarius would bring for me.  I heard a little voice say : you forgot something, you have to go back and get it. 
I wrote that phrase here at GMA in scopes or somewhere without really knowing what it meant or what it was or – anything. 

Ahhh – you know, the joys of Neptunian faerie dustings… we’ve just learned to go with it baby… it’ll all make sense someday….it felt right.
Guess what.
I was right.  I went back to get something I forgot…or rather, someONE.  Didn’t see him comin’…nope, not even close.  …hmmMmm…

SoOo then I am thinking I got the micro bit figured out – what did the Macro forget and go back for…?

The Psychic Tarot

New Beginnings : Zero : 
It is the void and nirvana :: the doorway, a portal.  It is spirituality, divine intuition, faith in the unseen.  It is unlimited possibilities and a fresh emotional start.
Zero is Pluto ruled indicating REBIRTH. 

Neptune Rx opposite Leo was a gestation of NEW LIFE to be born at direct station.
Neptune Rx applying to Aquarius is KNOWING our personal / collective thoughts [Neptune square Gemini the lower mind and Sagittarius: the higher mind] 
WILL CREATE our physical world via the electrical grid we all share Micro / Macro.

Spirit Card: 7:
Seven is ruled by Uranus: Seven indicates highly creative problem solving.  Freedom, rebellion, polarites, intuition, invention, eccentrics and ELECTRICITY.
The crown chakra rules the central nervous system and cerebral cortex.

The human heart is Electric, our hearts are collectively connected through the Earth’s Electrical Grid.

We are co-creators on the micro / macro scale with the energetic spirit of the ALL ONE. The electrical current of life is charging through us, our DNA, the earth, the sky, the universe, CONNECTING ALL OF US TO ONE ANOTHER.
I know what I believe the macro went back for, and I am so happy we did.

Total Solar Eclipse
November 13

21 56′ Scorpio
see next post, thank you.

om mani padme hum

drown a fish

Neptune Stations Direct
0’22” Pisces
November 11
1:52am CST,USA

Hallelujah !
Moon conjunct Venus in Libra trine Jupes in Gem at direct = happy party throwdown at my place AMEN !

Neptune opposite my natal Venus (which squares natal Neptune) quite frankly, sucks.
I am soOo ovah it !  In my case, 2nd / 8th house Venus/Jupes are taking another hit.  The threat of giant water planet on the electric house is all pervasive – those years were pitifully painful.  I learned that lesson in spades – TEN spades and then some. Seriously, pop quiz, essay question, gave the speech –  I got it already !  Now can we hurry this along already..?

You can usually hear me singing Neptune’s praises all the livelong day  – you know, inspired art, guitars and film.  In truth Neptune often means swallowing a lot of intoxicants to dull the sensitivity you are drowning in.  Neptune is the ecstatic siren’s call beckoning you closer and closer – only when trapped do you realize you’ve been taken in by glamour and illusion.  Then the only way out is to surrender – serve others in the house Neptune washes ashore in.  You can’t drown a fish, believe me, I tried.

Neptune Rx, …yeah…I plunked back in the drink – very briefly.  Then wtf are you doing took over and I snapped out of it.  Humans relapse sometimes, it happens.  When you fall down it is most important that you GET BACK UP, and get back in the game.

Here is a brief rundown of house placements.
My natal Neptune is in a social house (11th) so all matters there are simultaneously divinely inspiring and irritatingly illusive, it will likely feel the same for your Neptune placement.
Keep in mind Pisces going direct will shift matters in late Aquarius, early Pisces.
Oh, and for those of you with Neptune near 21 degrees Scorpio (like me) this upcoming eclipse (Nov 13) is for you; thankfully it is Solar with Dragon’s Head….more on that later….

1, 5, 9 are the personal houses
1 – physical body, style of competition

5 – love and expression
9 – spirit in human experience

2, 6, 10 are the material houses
2 – worldly possessions, earned $, peace of mind 

6 – health, daily routine
10 – social status, prestige, career

3, 7, 11 are the social houses
3 – siblings, thinking 

7 – partner of the heart, enemies 
11 – friends, global collective

4, 8, 12 are the houses of emotions & endings
4 – womb and the tomb, family 
8 – sex, death & rebirth, other people’s $ 
12 – cosmic connections, All One

“The schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight. Edgar Cayce made the same observation in his readings” – Joseph Campbell

peace out