Nurturing Neptuner

photo 2The Wild Unknown Tarot
The Enchanted Map Oracle

What to keep in mind for Neptune Direct ?

Love, loyalty and quiet patience with each other – forgiveness is the crux of the situation.
As we move forward, with Neptune direct in the coming weeks, we again feel strong loyalties.  
We are protected by our guides and divinely directed.  The tides of emotion fluctuate, but love and friendship remains.  We are exactly where and when we need to be.

We are given lessons in order to grow and challenge our ideas, emotions, actions and progress on the material plane.  Quiet patience is necessary to hear our higher divine self which speaks out of love rather than ego – follow this guidance and rebirth will follow.
This is your ultimate truth.

Nurture yourself, those you love.
Strengthen the bonds, be true.

TUNE UP & Rise UP 

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