photo 24For those who may be feeling stuck, philosophies and optimism on the wane with this long Jupiter Rx in Cancer…  

Freedom is the key.  
Jupiter is ruled by 3 which symbolizes growth, creativity and self-expression.

Mind Body Spirit needs liberated in some way.

Mercury Rx adds to thinking revisions underway – while in rebellious Aquarius…
Freedom is the key.

Enlightened hermit shines soul intelligence outward, but only after the vision quest.
9 is a number of endings.
Intelligence and wisdom gained through experience and quiet reflection.

In soulitude.

Who, what or when will be liberated on your retrograde vision quest…and Why ?

You already know.  
Just do it.


bags of tricks

micro, macroFresh 0 degree Gemini Moon moving to square its ruler Mercury Rx at 3 Pisces delivering split feelings surrounding trains/training of thoughts.
Wherever you find your source of optimism – be it in the micro or macro world – it is time to re-think, revise and reinvent the mental approach used when healing the wounds carried deep within.  

Moon moves to square Neptune at 4, then Chiron at 11 – all while Aquarius Sun squares Saturn in Scorpio.  Quiet revolutions take place in our heads every day, but moreso under these aspects.
Jupiter Rx in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces calls us to be emotionally strong, lead ourselves to the source within through the emotional vision quest.

Mercury Rx in Pisces + soon into Aquarius signals the intellectual vision quest.  
Make this perspective shift work for you by being honest with yourself and your situation.

Doing so will lead to revelations and sublime resolutions at Full Leo Moon.

Mercurial dexterity on deck – shaking UP our bags of tricks.
Be versatile.
Adaptation.  Improvisation. 

This astro is geared for reflection, so remember . . .
Moving slow is still moving !
It will happen exactly when it is meant to.


Glamour in Us

Alexander KhokhlovAlexander Khokhlov

February 6 
Mercury Rx 3 Pisces
February 12
Mercury into Aquarius
February 28
Mercury Direct 18 Aquarius

Mercury stations Rx conjunct Neptune in Pisces, trine North Node in Scorpio.
Plucky planet of tricks of perceptions sheds glamour and illusion for a return trip to the house of the global heart, the collective kindred, earthkind. Thoughts are electrified, innovative, yet introspective as we move to a 26 degree Full Moon in Leo on the 14th.
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Full Leo Moon opposes Mercury Rx/Aquarius Sun (Neptune, out of sign) – all square 23 degree Saturn in Scorpio.  Uranus at 10 Aries is also focal planet of heavyweight T-Square Jupiter Rx opposite Venus/Pluto in Capricorn.  Planets near 26 degrees will be out onstage + working this lunation.

News incoming from house Leo in your chart – unexpected and delivered by someone else.  Expect some tension with authority figures, with older men, or at work – take it slow – think 2x, speak once.  Merc Rx, take it out back if you need to let ‘er rip.  Howl it UP all you like, but away from those who sign the paycheck, ya know .?

Mars in Libra is the golden nugget of goodness with a sextile to Moon and a trine to Sun. Balance fought for previously is noticeably achieved on this lunation.  Love and money scenarios stroke the ego/intellect, though they are electric undercurrents by and large.

This lunation propels regeneration energy forward – awareness of where we are in the collective becomes crystal clear, we KNOW our talents and gifts – our rarities ROAR.
We Tune UP the Glamour in Us.
All ONE.