bags of tricks

micro, macroFresh 0 degree Gemini Moon moving to square its ruler Mercury Rx at 3 Pisces delivering split feelings surrounding trains/training of thoughts.
Wherever you find your source of optimism – be it in the micro or macro world – it is time to re-think, revise and reinvent the mental approach used when healing the wounds carried deep within.  

Moon moves to square Neptune at 4, then Chiron at 11 – all while Aquarius Sun squares Saturn in Scorpio.  Quiet revolutions take place in our heads every day, but moreso under these aspects.
Jupiter Rx in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces calls us to be emotionally strong, lead ourselves to the source within through the emotional vision quest.

Mercury Rx in Pisces + soon into Aquarius signals the intellectual vision quest.  
Make this perspective shift work for you by being honest with yourself and your situation.

Doing so will lead to revelations and sublime resolutions at Full Leo Moon.

Mercurial dexterity on deck – shaking UP our bags of tricks.
Be versatile.
Adaptation.  Improvisation. 

This astro is geared for reflection, so remember . . .
Moving slow is still moving !
It will happen exactly when it is meant to.