safe at the plate

Moon in the natal rules Mother
cycles of change and fluctuation

She rules aquariums, asthma, brewing and baptisms
 moonflowers and nightbirds
houseboats and reception

Luna indicates how you experience feelings in the natal.
Fire moons are courageous and energetic
 Earth Moons are skillful and sensate
Air Moons are intellectual and social
Water moons are emotional and intuitive

Luna rules dew drops in the morning
the public
clams, crabs and shellfish
she rules gardening, fungus, cucumbers

Moon rules the well of psyche
the womb and the tomb
4th house
the Nadir.

Moon rules family and food
home sweet home
Archangel Gabriel
Moon rules
the stomach, the breasts
She is moody
she is
safe at the plate
She rules insomnia, illumination, lamps and lagoons
milk, melons and the cosmic great mother.

Luna rules omens
owls and pearls
psychic antenna, reception and reflections

Moon rules selenite, streams and tides.
the musical note F
 she rules turtles, wallflowers, willows


5 thoughts on “safe at the plate

  1. just curious: how does luna differ from neptune in ruling lunatics and uranus the pyschic antennae? i can see a definite interplay but fuzzy on the rulership.

    • Lunatics in this case is referring to those swayed by the emotional (water) tides of the Moon. Full Moon light brings full sway of emotions – like high tide.
      Lunatics are mentally clear, but moody.
      Neptune is being foggy and clouded mentally – spacey or confused.

      Uranus is snap sideways insight from higher realms / dimensions.
      Neptune is tuning into the cosmic consciousness, the sea of others on earth. (Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, or the other.)
      Moon is the tuning dial…think void moon vs. FULL MOON.
      Reception is easier during full moon when our feelers are tweaked.
      Make sense….?
      Love your question btw ~ xo
      ps. got interrupted at lunch while writing this, noticed after your ? the word reception was not in my post.
      I added, is vital ! thnx, MB

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