handy ma’am

South Node activate !

Who else is processing like mad ?

This Gemini Eclipse falls in my 6th, so I finally took some time for Virgo self-care, ditched work for one dark moon night on the swank Toro couch with seasons 6 & 7 of Star Trek Voyager.
I quit thinking  for a bit and watched pictures. I needed it, ‘cause I am back at it Virgo processing, Mercury at it full steam again today.

Things in my life have been rapid fire change-ups lately, just this morning I changed my mind about something I had been fairly sure of for the last few weeks.  Multi-tasking out the yin yang, and juggling day job, night job – I am also the handy ma’am, the cook, the gardener and the cleaning lady.  I write this post, trim my 7ft hedge, turn my garden, then write some more.  Head and Hands full of Gemini and then some.  You ?

Friends of mine I care very much for are waiting (you know who you are) please know I am very aware you are waiting and am doing my best, okay ? xo  You are very much on my mind, and in my heart, as always.

Which brings me to South Node.
Are you all wrapping up something from the past, or thinking about it ?   Changing your mind about where you envision yourself in your future ?  Are you seeing both sides, getting great ideas..? 

This eclipse is like figuring out what to pack for your journey to the next Sagittarius eclipse in early June. The North Node of Destiny awaits us ~>
Keep the South Node lessons and enter Sag with a broader vision, a more positive outlook, enthusiastic vigor for exploration of infinite possibilities and adventure !

Where is your North Node, and what rules that house ? 
Find that planet and work that energy and its contacts for success !


My North Node ruler is Mars. I have Saturn the restrictor retrograde (it is slower than slow, trust me.) in the house of what and who I AM.  (ego squashing) Saturn is my chart ruler in the house where it falls, or operates poorly (opposite house of exaltation).  The energies are not matched at. all.  Saturn wants to brake and Mars – ruled Aries wants to get the freakin’ lead out already and get moOoving !

My retrograde Saturn trines Mars;  which turn quintiles Uranus.  This means it may take me forever, but once I am on it – it gets done – I will tackle it entirely with unmatched focus and determination.  I will not give up.  Ever.


Where is your South Node, and what planet rules that house ?
Pack up the lessons of that house and carry it into the new moon eclipse !


This lifetime for me is about squashing the ego of the past.
Blazing my trail, my way, the independent spirit set free.
More Marsy action & go get it – less Venus attraction and wait for it to come.

My South Node is in Libra 10th, so last life I had the recognition, the accolades.  This life I have to get over the fact that those I crave approval from the most often deny it.
  I have to drop all thought of chasing the shiny object, for if I seek it, I suffer.  (Sun opp Chiron)  My Sun is also Void of course at 29 degrees Virgo: semi-square Moon, square ASC, opposite chiron.  It is my final dispositor, and conjunct knock down game-changers Uranus and Pluto.  I get waylaid a LOT, but have to keep going, have faith in myself. (Sun in 9, Aries North Node)

What will you pack up to carry into your North Node future…?
What do you think is your destiny ?

I’ll be keeping the love & balance, please and thank you, and I’ll be ditching the rest !
For the Gemini 0 degree eclipse, I would like to thank those who have given me a hand up when I needed it.  (Gemini rules hands)

:::Those waiting, (you know who you are) bonds with you time only strengthens.
I remain humbly grateful for the generosity of your gift.  Thank you.
:::My friend, Sagittarian Moon, who comments here regularly – you are the best ! xo
:::Juile Hansen, a remarkable intuitive who consistently says *just the right thing* to

nudge me in the right direction, thank you !
:::My fellow Toro Moon gal pal astrologer, Perianne – check out her astro blog !
:::Astrologer, intuitive, and Human Design consultant, Hal Bahr, whose kindness introduced me to many new readers, Thank you !
:::My new friend Mary Pat who has welcomed me so warmly, thank you !

Happy eclipse, everyone ~
…now I trim hedge !

2 thoughts on “handy ma’am

  1. belated thanks for the shout out! 🙂
    this is a great summary posting for the energies zinging and your life example/attitude is fortifying. thanks for consistently being ‘here’ shining a light on how to tap into the cosmic forces.

    i will be travelling to the capital today: UG. a beaurocratic meeting that i hope the universe has prepped for success – even slow motion success will do at this point. lol lots of readjustments, flexibility and patience are needed by everyone i know these days. taxing transit times.

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