Western Stars

Kathryn Dawn Lang

omg. the voice. goosebumps !  when I last heard her sing Western Stars I accidentally grabbed my friend’s knee when she hit the last note, kd. is. incredible.
Toro Moon and of course I am going on about singers again…

kd is a Scorpio Sun conjunct Neptune (inspired musician) in the 3rd house of communication.
She is a Virgo rising, Mercury (chart ruler, communication) conjunct Venus (art) in Libra second house. Libra is harmony, beauty.
The second house is the natural house of Taurus, which rules the throat.  Venus rules both Taurus and Venus, so Venus is at home in the 2nd, conjunct Mercury which rules her ascendant and her mid-heaven.  the voice

Mercury & Venus square her Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn (big-boned gal !).  
Tension and largess coupled with restraint and fine tuning.

Her Scorpio Mars squares her (Virgo) Moon – (Leo) Uranus, Melpomene, North Node conjunction in the 12th.  Mars gives power by any contact, and inner tension can be transformed (Mars quintile Pluto) into great works – her Pluto is conjunct Virgo Ascendant. 

She is powerful in voice and spirit, she is a rulebreaker, a woman (Moon) with her own trail to blaze (Uranus) in the public eye (Moon).  She was destined to shine her creative light in unusual ways, be a music muse, a woman’s muse, a proud humanitarian  (Uranus in Leo) with a big heart and (North Node Leo) a big voice to match.

kd also has Neptune (inspired music) quintile Saturn in Capricorn (rules, is strong)
Neptune quintile Uranus (higher octave of Mercury) which conjuncts Melpomene, the divine intonation.

happy dark Toro moon all

6 thoughts on “Western Stars

    • Welcome, mountainmae ! You are welcome, and I am always amazed by the power of kd’s voice when I hear her live.
      She is even more amazing in the flesh: there is no auto- tune on this gal ! I love it that she sings in bare feet too !

  1. YES!!! Her voice makes me go weak at the knees and takes my breath away. Swoon swoon. I didn’t know about the bare feet. That would win me as well. There is a woman in my town who has long silver hair and is always barefooted. Impresses me no end.:D

    • Isn’t she fab ? I spun out into kd world last night watched several videos I hadn’t seen before. Grounding through the feet, may help boost those quintiles ! hee

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