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Melpomene the muse of Music Song and Dance ( Molpe means ‘divine intonation’, or singing ) was born of Zeus and Mnemosyne (below).  The name Melpomene is derived from ‘melpomai – to celebrate with dance and song’.  She is also the muse of Greek tragedy, hence the mask.
Melpomene bore to Akheloos (Fresh Water River god) the Sirens (sea nymphs that lured sailors to their deaths by enchanting songs).  Melpomene is asteroid 18.
Special thanks to my friend, Ancient Librarian, who recently mentioned Melpomene and started my explorations on this muse.

Mnemosyne, (mother of Melpomene) the goddess of memory, inventor of language and words, and historical storytellingMnemosyne is asteroid 57.
Mnemosyne bore Zeus the 9 Muses, the eldest of whom was Calliope (poetry), followed by Clio (history), Melpomene (music), Euterpe (lyrical poetry), Erato (erotic poetry),
Terpsichore (dancing), Urania (astronomy), Thalia(comedy), and Polymnia (hymns).
Some of you have been reading since the beginning know I love to sing.  I have Toro Moon in 4, Taurus rules the throat and 2nd house. Strong Venus or strong Toro can indicate singers in the natal chart.  Streisand and Bono come to mind immediately.
So I was excited to look for Melpomene and compare myself and other singers, a few of which I have on speed dial. of course.
Gneiss Moon: lives at 3 degrees Aquarius (my 2nd) quintile Neptuner, trine Sun.
Ann Wilson: trine Moon, Pluto and Chiron, bi-quintile Saturn
Robin Zander: square Venus, Mars, trine Pluto (conjunct 4 degrees-Mnemosyne)
Willie Nelson: quintile Moon, trine Mars and Trigger haha I mean Neptune
Joe Elliott: sextile his tight Mercury Uranus conjunction
Jagger: square Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, trine Chiron
Loretta Lynn: square Mars, trine Neptune
Joni Mitchell: opposite Sun and Mercury, trine Chiron
Billy Boyd:  trine Chiron
Aretha: square Venus, opposite Saturn and Uranus
Bono: square Venus, Neptune
Streisand: trine Venus
Ian Gillan: square Venus, trine Mars, square Saturn, trine Uranus * for Sweets ! xo
Jack White: square Pluto, quintile Chiron
Chrisse Hynde: conjunct Mercury, trine Chiron both asteroids bookend her Virgo stellium.
It is wise to remember that any contact is an exchange of energy  a square or opposition can be stronger than a trine when solved.  So when you see a contact of any aspect, it is a force of energy that is in play.  No matter what your aspects to the muse of singing are, if you love to sing ~ let ‘er rip !
I would love to hear from you about your muses and asteroids !

good day all

4 thoughts on “Music Muse

  1. This is a wonderful, and informative article! You inspired me to look up where Melpomene is in my chart.

    Melpomene in Aries (10th) at 26/12

    Sextile – Sun in Gemini (12th)
    Biquintile – Moon in Scorpio (5th)
    Square – Mars in Cancer (1st)

    I also have Juno, Pallas, and Hestia, all in Aries in the 10th.

    Thank you for inspiring us all!

    • Fascinating … she supports your ‘singing’ of the legends and mysteries.
      Love the dovetailing astrology.

      I have Ceres in Virgo trine my Toro Moon exact, and on that note I will step outside to weed and plant my garden ….

      You are very welcome, and thank you for leading me to her !

  2. Deep Purple
    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: September 24, 1969
    with Ian Gillan
    The Golden Throat

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