Pure atmosphere

Join Me in the Pure Atmosphere – Hafiz
translation Daniel Landinsky

I slip in and out of the Sea at night with this
Amazed soul I have. 

I am like a magnificent, magic ocean turtle
Who sets aside his vast wings of
Blue effulgence 

When I crawl upon your shores
To leave my divine seed of verse.

Let me remain cryptic tonight
All the way till dawn
As I orbit God
In this holy, ecstatic mood.

Grab hold of the corners
Of my luminous, tender shell

And I will whirl for you,
 For I am covered with eminent crystals
That I have gathered from the infinite depths
Of love.

Follow my tracks in the sand that lead
Beyond thought and space,
For I can see deep down

That you are really a golden bird
That needs to

With your spirit enraptured and ascending
On the currents of Light –

 On the currents of His

Join me with your hands, wings, hoofs or fins
In my sublime applause.
Join me in the pure atmosphere of gratitude
For life.

 I slip in and out of the Moon each night
With a gracious ease
With this brilliant heart I have.

The Beautiful Friend, the Exquisite One,
Sometimes steps from His Invisible Body

And walks upon our shore
So that we might see and know

His radiant Tender Shell-
His eminent crowns
That are the three worlds.

O grab hold of the hem of His skirt
As He spins this Universe on an emerald
Dance floor!

Cling to the Transcendent Elements in His glance
As the Beloved forever whirls
His Love.

Slips in and out of God at night
Tied to his own amazed


1 thought on “Pure atmosphere

  1. Grand Earth Trine Mercury, Mars, Pluto
    Grand Trine Venus , Saturn, (air) Neptune (out of sign in water)
    (and quick moving Moon is forming a trine with Venus and Saturn as well)
    Sun conjunct Jupiter ~ 2 ginormous benefics in tandem
    Good day for brainstorming right along with digging in re: material matters
    happy day all~

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