hooves on the wing

securedownload-20Breath of the Night Oracle

Fancy a dose of Venus square Neptune while she trines Uranus ?
Reading set to highest most beneficial benevolent outcome for all of us.

Steady messages coming in
2 messages – one of the verbal variety & the other, in the flesh, someone new is on the way
Both messages are honest and true indicate safe & steady emotional changes
Most certainly enlightenment

Crux or foundation of sitch
Steady as she goes Capt’n… safety in your body, at home – including websites

peace out

ps. interesting this read reflects the read 2 ? days ago for Uranus square Pluto
Pegasus.  birds + rider
hmmm… cool, yah ?

Talisman & Totem

Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle Cards

This is a quickie read from the Breath of the Night. 
Lenormand with a kick !  
I have long pondered creating a deck, envisioned certain themes, cards, etc…  THIS is THE DECK, right here.  Everything I have wanted and more !
The card on the second from right, for example, blew. me. away. when I opened the deck.  Here is why.

Now to the read…
The two cards to the left represent the New Leo Moon, what we are shedding
Central card is the fulcrum on which the past swings into the future.
The last two (3rd added for clarity) represent the energies of the Full Aquarius Moon.
Intent: Highest insights; best most benevolent outcome for all.


Book, Snake  :: Scythe ::  Owl, Talisman, Unicorn

Creative / romantic complications are revealed, (through writing) likely involving a savvy dark-haired older woman.  Vesta conjunct Sun and Moon in Leo is lighting a beacon, revealing the fire in our belly / our home.  To know what makes us happy, we must know what makes us miserable.  Be rid of it !
Cutting through TWO complications, the unnecessary drama / detours quickly will harvest communications of the highest and deepest caliber.

Uranus (rules Aquarius) is polarities; owls indicates two, doubling the lucky harvest.  Two pleasing revelations are forthcoming; a woman of trouble fades, protection from darkness and high qi spiritual powers are your talisman & totem.