Edwin Blashfield

The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.
::: Blaise Pascal :::

Well that was a hurricane of Moon/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter – Uranus/Pluto surfs UP of EMO ENERGIES boppin’  and poppin’ – yeah ? 
Y’all ride the waves okay ?

I had to check out awhile … part of our family is moving across country and swung through my neck of the woods,  losing their dog  ! !  somewhere along the way, which is heartbreaking, I know.  So I put up more Wanted: Pet: Reward pics to help them while thy are on the road.  Mercury rules pets, so while in this T-square dance, I lost my cat close to home, while Mercury moves through Cancer house; my niece lost her dog  while moving across country, long-distances are ruled by Jupiter – also transiting Cancer house.  Good vibes appreciated for us and our furry families, thank you.

Good news I met my niece’s husband and son who is the spittin’ image of his Grandad, my late brother !  I hugged and smooched girl cooties all over him – little stinker wiped ’em right off.  HA saw that comin’.
 Big family get together with a bunch of screaming boys.  I asked one his age, deadly serious he answered: I’m five and three-quarters. heheh. Cute.  That last quarter takes for-evah don’t it ?  My 2 yr old nephew was younger than any of them, but with Jupiter in Aries, expanding all that Mars, no matter. 
::: ! Body SLAM ! :::

I love kids: I have Venus/Jupiter in Leo
Leo rules children, fun, games, creativity from the heart.
Soon we are all under a fresh New Leo Moon.

Tuesday 6
New Moon in Leo at 14 degrees

4:51pm CST, USA

Wednesday 7
Lammas cross quarter day

Sun reaches 15 degrees Leo

Thursday 8
Mercury into Leo

Friday 16
Venus into Libra

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius
8:45pm at 28 degrees

New Moon meets Sun in Leo at 14 degrees forming a trine to Uranus in Aries.
Genius Moon for harmonious sub/conscious work and creative expression. 

Take this time prior to access, catalogue and purge that which is no longer necessary.
Focus on the direction you seek to meet, on the goal and how you will reach it.
Plan, list it, but allow for changes mid-stream.

Be flexible.

Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

As moon reaches just past new, set forth your growth intent into the universe and your works will increase with the light of the moon.  Until new moon, rest, drink eat and sleep well – RECHARGE your body battery.


 Now I nap.  exhausted.

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