Back to Basics

Hi all
Sharing a new deck which upon opening was instantly my new fave.  
I made a comment on a study group board that it looked like it walked right off the set of Van Helsing – and that was before I even saw all the cards.  I was spot on !
It is the Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle.
Thirty – six Lenormands + a whopping 67 more mystical cards to inject into your reading.

This read I asked what should people who are having difficulty dealing with the Uranus Pluto square focus on for enlightenment ?
Raises hand.  (Sun/Ura/Plu girl)

First my impressions, then the keywords as translated to me.
I did say I just got this deck, yesterday in fact.
It is my I am freaking out my cat is still missing purchase.

Uranus is in Aries, the fresh as a daisy, rambunctious, cheerleading, highly enthusiastic fire sign of Let’s GO !  Perhaps the card speaks to retaining innocence, remaining fresh in perspective and ready to try new ideas, new ways of doing things.

::: While… :::

We simmer and stew (in square – internal combustion, metamorphosis) over a slow boil, constantly changing, growing softer (think taters… lol, accidental Gollum ref.) thicker, and more blended over a slow long-term heat.  Pluto in Capricorn changes everything hard, stodgy and set in its ways into a new, streamlined, more powerful fusion.
Re-birth born of struggle – akin to being born while you are still alive.


Lamb keywords: simplicity and sacrifice
Cauldron keywords: (missing, gleaned from text) abundance, resurrection

In which case my interp is…

Getting back to basics, by sacrificing the unnecessary.