explicit specification

Top Level Categories

What can be said to exist ?
Into what categories, if any, can we sort existing things ?
An ontology is an explicit specification of a conceptualization.

How delightfully Virgo – the study of what entities exist or can be said to exist, and how such entities can be grouped, related within a hierarchy, and subdivided according to similarities and differences.

Virgo Venus is uncomfortable for these very reasons listed above.
Venus is magnetic, she attracts, she understands, she builds bridges, seeks harmony and the blending of two sides into ONE.

Virgo discriminates everything incoming via the senses.

Is it sticky, gooey, crisp, hard, old, fresh, green, lime or chartreuse ? The separate and categorize mantra of Virgo is not conducive to the sensuality, harmony and joint pleasure that Venus seeks.

Libra (Venus rules) opposes first house Aries from the seventh.  The I of the first house, becomes the WE in the seventh. Venus innately needs to join and co-mingle, and find balance between two people.

The over-critical Virgo eye finds it hard to relax the monkey mind perceptions and sink into feelings, which can be highly illogical and hard to pin down or describe.  Art appreciation, health, service and cleanliness are top notch; understanding, warmth and forgiveness of imperfections are less so.

Virgo Venus is a reliable friend and you can count on her to be a trench wench when the going gets tough and hard times and troubles need to be worked out.  She is beside you in a snap seeing not only the best solution, but also every step that will lead you to it.  

When she can relax her critical faculties long enough to enjoy the mess life and love can often be, she is a kind, clever, helpful, loving companion.