Logical Heart


Tuesday the 6th
New Moon in Leo
4:51pm CST, USA

Moon moves to dark, energy wanes and I am keeping my eyes on Saturn moving to trine Chiron while North Node IS trine Chiron.

Steady as she goes – walking wounded – regenerating. 

Pluto Rx opposite Cancer Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Scenario: family, emotions, sensitivities get bingbonged. Work, past, men, authority – how to blend softness with discipline, hardness.

Actions of others deliver your own internal metamorphosis.

The structure of emotions.
Well that sounded very Venus in Virgo, didn’t it ?
Get practical – find your Virgo house and start communicating your feelings re: those issues.  For more opportunity go to houses Cancer and Scorpio.

Wrangle new horizons of love, art and money find balance through working out and through the tough emo stuff.

Imagine your best possible outcome and work towards it.

Uranus is hot hot square Pluto ~> change UPs are frequent and unexpected in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Aries put your thinking caps on, Capricorns try to loosen up and go with the flow a bit.  Libras, bob and weave set head/heart to peace talks.

Morph, rest, repeat.

Give your Physical body the water, the nutrients, the sleep it needs.  Emotional and Spiritual bodies need food also – meditate, walk in the woods, have a good cry and break wide open, take off running, dance, soak, scream, write poetry, paint a picture if you can’t say the words.

Sun is in Leo, be creative ! 
:: ROAR :: 

Release and   l e t    g  o  .   .      .